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The article gets based on thepre-colonial period in the United States where Negroes were engagedin numerous actions of racism and lack of freedom, and they tried toliberate themselves from bondage through participating in boycottactivities as well as guerrilla war fares. The article criticizes thepolicies that the white men instituted it terms them as being darksince they promoted an atmosphere of discrimination towards theNegros.

The majority of the Negroslanguished in poverty and about 30 to 40 percent of their race facedunemployment, due to this factor, they failed to have a voice thatcould air their grievances. The white men took advantage of thissituation and engaged them in battles where 20 percent of individualswho made up the front lines came from the Negro community.

White leaders accepted theiractions of neglect towards the Negros, although they lacked moralstowards saving the blacks, they had the zeal of protecting theircities, and this made them work hard so as to ensure that thereexisted proper environmental conditions such as clean water and freshair for their subjects. There existed an emergency program that aimedat demolishing slums and building decent houses as well as creatingemployment for most individuals who needed jobs.

The Negros engaged in avariety of riots with an aim of resolving most issues that wereaffecting them they accepted all the punishment that they receivedfrom their leaders as well as the fact that they were inferior. TheAmerican revolution of 1776 aimed at liberating the blacks but KingGeorge failed to share power with his counterparts. His actions ledto the emergence of numerous boycotts and demonstrations, and theNegros had an increased quest for liberty and equality.