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Mobile Slave

Persuasive Speech

Specific Purpose:To make young people understand that excessive use of mobile phonesis harmful to our life and how to handle them with care.

Introduction:Have you ever sat down and questioned yourself why there areincreased numbers of pedestrian deaths between the age of 16 and 25according to USA Today? Perhaps not, today we live in a society whereour daily lives are defined by our phones. I am not againsttechnology it makes our lives better and happier. In fact, I likewatching funny YouTube clips and chatting with friends online, but amagainst the control that technology has on us.

Reason to Listen:How often do we even have a complete two hours talk with our parents,brothers or sisters? Phones have made us forget the importance ofemotional connection with our family members. Your brother or sisteris better known by his friend than his or her own family. And do youwant to know why? It is because we have made phones substitute ourfamily. We run from our parents’ advice and lock ourselves in therooms with our phone that is the lifestyle of a young adult today.Moreover, we have used our phones to defile ourselves with adultcontent. Even more worse, we have replaced our physical activitieswith phones subjecting ourselves to health issues.

Will we give a blind eye to thissituation? The question I am asking you today is, “are you incontrol or are you a slave?”

Thesis:Young people should use their phones diligently and not to use themas a substitute of their family.

Preview:Today, I will tell you the challenges we face because of our phonesthat we have become a slave to. Then, I will give solutions thatallow us to enjoy our freedom without neglecting those duties andmoral responsibilities that are required of us.

Argument: Problems with theirsolutions: I rememberthe stories we shared when I was young, how we used to sit togetherwith my family and we could share anything that we felt wasconvenient at that particular moment. It could have been a stupidtalk, but the fact that my family was there listening to it andlaughed, made me appreciate those memories.

Today everyone is busy, not onlythe young people, but also our parents(Ravichandran, pg 30).Sometimes I face situations which need parental guidance, and I knowyou too do. But the emotional connection that existed has beensevered, and I cannot turn for help from my parents since my phonehas made me privatize my life. We have made this phone our newfriends, pushing our parents away such that they have becomestrangers to us (Ravichandran,pg 30). And we continue tosuffer within daily.

I know you are asking yourselfhow that can be solved while this is the way of life nowadays. No,that is a lie we tell ourselves daily. We can discipline ourselvesmake it a norm that my family comes first before anything. And whenit is time for dinner or any other time you are interacting with youfamily or friends you can ignore the phone.

Another problem is how the phonescause moral decay in our society. How often have you used your phoneto watch adult stuff even before you became of age? Sexual materialsarticles, images, and videos are accessible within a click of abutton. Here today, is there anyone who have not used his phone towatch adult content? According to CNN anchor JackCafferty’s survey, 75% of American belief that its morality isheading the wrong way. Are you to blame? Food for thought!

Morality is an issue in oursociety, where anything can be found without age limit on theinternet. But we can avoid this, phones bought for children, and evenyouths should have firewalls against uncouth sites and proper moraleducation on the use of phones should be availed. When you watch orsend that clip or a picture or links to your friend ask yourself, ifthis is what you wish your son or daughter did? We become addicted towatching those contents to a point we always lock ourselves in roomsto watch.

How many of our citizens todayhave an ailment because of phones? You are wondering how the phone isconnected to that. Since the introduction of phones, people havestarted to be less active. We no longer carry outdoor activitiesseriously. Our bodies need physical exercise to be in perfect health.We keep ourselves busy because of phones, changing our calendar androutine because we have something that can keep us busy at home.Phones also cause eye problems, when one is exposed to its screenlight excessively. Also, phones have contributed to pedestriansaccidents putting you in the hospital bed if not the grave. Accordingto USA today, Nasar’s study, a former student of Ohio indicatedthat 1500 pedestrian in 2010 had been sent to hospital due to cellphone related issues. They have either fallen from bridge or beenrammed

Is this how we wish to be definedas a society? A nation enslaved not by a tyrant but technology. Wehave a duty as human not to put ourselves at risk. We need to realizethat phones won’t be there to console you when struck bycalamities. Undoubtedly, improper use of the phone is harmful to theyoung generation.

Conclusion:We all agree that phones are special in our life. Nevertheless, weshould not abuse this gift, and I remind you that young people shoulduse their phones diligently. Our forefathers liberated us from realslavery it would be a disgrace if they knew that today we have beenenslaved by the same freedoms they fought for us to enjoy. Don’tlet phones come between you and your family, health and morals.

Closure:I am calling all parents to support the youths in this venturethrough actions, as the youth learn basically by seeing. On the otherhand, the young generation should also advocate for responsible useof mobile phones.

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