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TheReal Eve

Thedocumentary, TheReal Eve, talksabout where people came from. It also exhibits the reason for thedifferences in the hair color, skin, and appearances, among theAsians, Africans, and the Europeans. The evidence by researchers,such as the human bones shows that Africa could have been where thefirst human was discovered.

Onehundred and fifty years ago, people survived through hunting andgathering. The weather changes and insufficient food made them moveto new areas, for example, from Africa to Yemen, and later to Indiahence, they adapted to the environmental changes. Through what thescientists found in caves in the form of stone tools and handdrawings, this was the first migration in the human history. The lowsea level enabled people from Africa and Yemen to move to newcontinents. They encountered natural disasters like earthquakes andvolcanoes. They began fishing in the oceans. The increase in thepopulation at the sea led to the second migration to Malaysia andAustralia. People built boats to ease transportation across the sea.Environmental differences forced them to adjust to the island’stropical rainforest weather through natural adaptation. People keptmoving around the world due to population growth, and other harshfactors.

Theresearchers indicate that Europeans, Asians, and Africans came from ablack woman some 150,000 years ago. The differences in color,languages, and appearances were because of adaptation tactics, aspeople moved to new environments. Those who moved to hot weatherareas developed dark skin to protect their bodies from sunrays.People underwent change to survive, and those who could not survivedied.

Inconclusion, the one and a half hours movie show that the humanancestor came from Africa. Reasons like food shortages, harshweather, and natural calamities like volcanoes made people migratefrom Africa. Additionally, human bones and stone tools found in cavesshow that Africa was the home to all human beings.

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