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  1. Introduction

NewYork Concert is popularly known for holding and recording of livemusic performances .The event attracted various musicians and artistsfrom all parts of the globe. I was privileged to attend one of theconcerts held on 23rd May 2016 at Carnegie Hall which is one of the most important andfamous venues where artists showcase their talents by performingdifferent genres of music to the audience. It was actually an amazingexperience. The concert which was held extremely late on Wednesdaynight and it featured various well-known artists such as BenjaminZander, Pearl Jam, Tory Lanez, and Justin Bieber. Each of theperforming artists had unique attires and used distinct gestures toenhance the message of their songs (Dearstynen.p).


Allthe artists displayed their talents and potential in music throughthe outstanding and excellent performances which received a lot ofappreciation and applause from the audience. The followingdiscussion, therefore, focuses on the various musicians and thetitles of the songs they played during the concert.


Heis a conductor as well as director of music at the BostonPhilharmonic Youth Orchestra. Benjamin Zander’s ‘Shining Eyes’was absolutely an exceptional presentation. The energy and passionexpressed through his voice was so unique making the audience enjoyevery part of the show. It made everyone realize the transformativepower and the unexploited love for the classical genre of music(Dearstynen.p).


Itis an American rock band which also had a stunning concert. It tracesits origin from 1990 when it was formed in Seattle Washington. Theband consists of a number of members including Mike McCready andStone Gossard who are the guitarists of the group, Eddie Vedder thevocalist who was also the leader singer, Dave Krusen the drummer aswell as Jeff Ament the bassist. The band performed hard rock, grungeand alternative rock genres of music (Dearstynen.p).


Hisreal name Daystar Peterson, he is Canadian recording artist popularlyknown as Tory Lane. Besides, he is also a fashion designer, adirector, a songwriter as well as an entrepreneur. The artist hasspecialized in hip hop as well as R&amp B genres of Music. Heperformed his latest single “Say It” released in the year 2015.It was an epic concert displayed by the artist.


Withoutdoubt, Justin Bieber is also one of the most famous and best musicfavorite artists of all times. He is a Canadian musician andsongwriter. His first debut song “My World” was released in theyear 2009.During the concert, he performed the song “Love Yourself”which is the third single release for his album. The song makes useof an electric guitar as well as a flurry of trumpets as the dominantform of instrumentation with a husky tone witnessed in the lowerregisters, Lyrically, Justin Bieber’s song is basically a kiss-offdedicated to a self-loving past lover who did the protagonist wrong.


Attendingthe concert was very vital for me. First, it made me realize how theplatform has enabled artists, performers and musicians from all partsof the world to get recognition more especially in this cultural andeconomic era where the coverage of classical music and arts sectionshas been reduced or removed altogether (Dearstynen.p).Moreover,the concert has got its own reviewers whose role is to attend thevarious concerts and music performances, do a thorough andprofessional publication of the events and then ensure that they aredistributed and have a wider coverage through the online magazine.This makes it easy for their fans, managers, other artists as well asthe general public to access them.

Again,it was a perfect opportunity to see live performances of some of themost famous and respected artists, producers, songwriters as well asconductors in the music industry. For instance, Benjamin Zander,Justin Bieber, Tory Lane Pearl Jam band whose contribution is crucialin making the music and entertainment industry at large so lively(Dearstynen.p).Theyhave also been mentors and a source of inspiration to the youngupcoming artists who look upon them to develop their careers andtalents. It was a privilege attending the concert, each and everybodypresent really enjoyed the quality performances done by theirfavorite artists which had a very strong and inspiring message to thecrowd and the rest of the world.


NewYork Concert, therefore, has played a considerable role in nurturingand promoting talents of various artists who would have otherwise nothave gotten the opportunity to showcase their capabilities andtalents in the music industry. It was very commendable seeing artistsdisplaying their talents, passing very strong and inspiring messagesto the rest of the world through their written songs. Moreimportantly, it was also encouraging seeing the support the concertis giving to the artists through the reviewers who professionallyrecord the live performances and ensure that they get worldwidecoverage to their fans, viewers, and general public through theonline magazine. This enhances their recognition thus promoting theirtalents. (Dearstyne n.p).


Dearstyne,Bruce W.&nbspTheSpirit of New York: Defining Events in the Empire State`s History., 2015. Print.