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GenderBased Toys

Inmy opinion, gender-based toys should be produced. It is clear that asthe majority has their way the minority should be allowed to havetheir say. Gender-based toys have a great impact on a child`scognition abilities. A young child is born without knowledge ofdistinguishing their gender or the differences between gendersexisting. Therefore, the environment of development will determinehow they embrace their growth as well as changes that are genderspecific. Children whose childhood is full of gender distinctionshould have high self-esteem as they learn to understand themselvesas well as appreciate themselves.

Ihad the privilege of watching my younger sister grow just as much asI watched my niece. My sister`s life was full of feminine experiencesranging from toys to colors as well as movies and games. She enjoyedher childhood to the fullest. Embracing her adolescence stage was abed of roses. She appreciated the physical changes. As an adult, sheknew that there were no limitations out of gender. On the other hand,my niece grew in a neutral environment. She experienced difficultiestrying to get into terms with her adolescent stages. Eventually, shegrew up with low self-esteem.

Ibelieve that gender-based toys do not serve as limitations. They helpa child identify with their gender. Eventually, they grow a cognitiveability to make a choice knowing that there is no gender limitation.Therefore, gender-based toys should be produced and the consumersshould be allowed to make a choice of the kind of environment theywould like their children to grow in. that way, there are happycustomers who do not feel that natural environment has limited theirchoices.


Responseto Daijie Ding

Iagree with your view about removing gender-specific labels. In myopinion, gender-based toys do not set kids to limitation. The reasonis that toddlers have little recognition of genders. The case of achild who was choosy must have been exposed to something about thatparticular gender that could have ruined their judgment. It is sobecause one case cannot be used to discredit many cases wherechildren have grown with gender-based toys and yet they have known tofly beyond their gender limits as well as societal limitations. In myopinion, therefore, the consumers should be given wide variety and beallowed to make a choice. Limitation in production will be one sidedand will fix consumers. In addition, gender-based toys would helpkids to understand individual identity and learn to appreciate it.Such children have high self-esteem that will help them venture intothe world confidently without fearing that their gender is a setback.

Responseto Meagan Towne

Iconcur with you that separating clothing is good. In my view,gender-based environment sends a wide message to a child who istrying to understand personal identity. However, in my opinion, aneutral environment gives a wider message. A child learns tounderstand complexities of a world at a tender age. That way, suchchildren know how best to get away with any kind of challenge withoutbeing set back by their genders. When a child is brought up in agender-specific environment, they have exposed to gender-specificchallenges. That experience limits their exposure to wider challengesand as adults they might start viewing the world at a specifiedangle. They learn that there are duties and responsibilities that aregender specific and if they happen to be in the opposite gender theyfear to face the challenge. The neutral environment provides a senseof confidence to a child.