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The technological advancementhas brought about a variety of changes and inventions the cameradepicts the effects of the technological changes that took the worldlike a wave. The creation of these visual documents of both publicand personal history led to the evolution of people’s perception ofhistory, time and themselves.

Another impact thatphotography had on the worlds is there was an alteration on theconcept of privacy as these cameras got used in recording most areasof human life. In a nutshell, cameras got used to penetrate into theinnermost parts of the human life where the human eye could not haveaccess.

The humankind sense of whatwas suitable for observation got changed by the inception of camerasand photography this is because photography illuminated the variousevents or actions and poses that meant a lot to the human populationmaking it get embraced by the world as a tool for taking lifememories. Also, the camera got considered as an incontestable proofof an experience, event or a state of being.

Photography had an impact onthe world through its creative nature as some cameras had the abilityto enhance the output as well as the quality of pictures. Throughthis, they precipitated attraction and in the process manyindividuals embrace photography as a hobby, also, some of them tookit as career-making photographers spread to various parts of theworld venturing into the business of taking photos and in return theyreceived their daily bread.

Photography plays animperative role in my life this is because it reminds me of what isimportant to me, as it stores life memories that I might not wish toforget such as my friends, my family and all other life experiencesthat I have undertaken through life. It also allows me to share andcommunicate with those that I encounter in life.

For example, it helps me showlove, affection, and appreciation to those who I care most throughstoring their pictures as well as sharing with them the differentphotos that we had together. It enhances a period of having fun as itbrings happiness and a feeling of acceptance by others. Anotherimportance of photography in my life is that of, it enables me tocommunicate some messages that are usually very hard to utter liketelling someone “I love you” for the first time during a periodof dating.

My experience with photographygets based on the fun that is, photography helps me to capture allthe fun moments that I have ever encountered in life. It also bringsout the best in me through enhancing my true nature where I get totry out new experiences such as new poses or even new outfits so asto capture all the extraordinary and desirable moments in life.Another experience is that photography can sometimes be embarrassingespecially when your peers took a photo of you when you were notprepared, and this might predispose one to anger.

Yes, I do own a camera, itgoes by the name Acme VR02, it is a full high dimensional sports andaction camera with wifi. I usually take photos of my friends, myfamily, and other natural beauties this is because I like takingpictures since I take it as my hobby.