Student`s Name essay

Powerof Believing in Destiny

Lifemay seem cruel though every step is out to shape us to get to ourdestiny. Some people take the long route while others are lucky towalk through a shortcut and yet arrive at their destiny. Those takelong routes believe that they are doomed to struggle. However, insome cases, they are taking time being molded by Mother Nature. Atthe end, they get to their desired destiny, when they are fullyironed and prepared to carry out their duties. It calls for patienceand belief in oneself. Otherwise, the destiny is terminated and onelooses everything they had worked for in their entire struggle.

AlexParrish was raised by a single mother to at least her adolescentstage. She had grown knowing that sleeping hungry was not a diseasebut a temporary problem. It was the order of the day on a number ofoccasions. However, she had learned the power of believing thattomorrow had a better place for all. She had hoped that things wouldchange later. All this was a leaf she learned from her mother whomevening stories would make the cold weather bearable. Her brotherHillary Parrish would barely understand the context and he wouldoften fall asleep as the advices were told.

Alexloved spending time with her hardworking mother after school. Shewould do her assignment after which she would wait for Mrs. Parrishto come with something to cook. Her mother depended on daily wages innearby industries and she would save a little to cater for otherexpenses such as medical and education for her kids as well as rent.Life was bearable and not as bad as what other kids in theneighborhood experienced.

Mrs.Parrish lost her husband in an accident soon after Hillary was born.She thought life had come to an end but she had to withstand thestorm for the sake of her children. They were not the only source ofher joy but also the strength that kept her moving through the tidesof pain and sorrow.

Hillaryand Alex studied with difficulties though with the little help fromthe teachers they managed to perform fairly well. Their performancedid not affect their hope for the best. They had managed to getsponsorship from a good wisher. The sponsors paid their school fees.It was a lighter task for their mother to provide food, clothing andshelter. They could now afford two assured meals in a day andsometimes three. Life was taking shape.

Hellbroke out when Mrs. Parrish was diagnosed with lung cancer. It haddeveloped after many years of working in the industry. By now, Alexwas in grade 7 and had a year to go and complete junior high school.Hillary was in grade 4 but was a promising kid considering that hisperformance was good.

Alexwould get to school late tendering to her mother and preparing herkid brother. In the evening, she would make up a time to sell somefruits so that they would afford a meal. Her life had crumbled withinno time. She felt that she was standing on sinking ground that wouldsoon open and swallow her alive. She had stomached poverty butsickness was unanticipated. A year later they lost their only parentto cancer due to lack of medication. Alex was in 8th grade where shewould graduate to join high school.

8thgrade was not a bed of roses for Alex. But she had only one hope inmaking a brighter future. The hope was performing well and pursuingthe dream of becoming a doctor. She cleared her junior school and herhigh school. Her sponsorship came to an end and she was left tosearch for jobs that would sustain her. She would also cater for herbrother who had already joined high school. She thought that hermiseries had come to an ultimate end. However, it was the beginning.

Withoutthe certificate of O-levels, she was fit for ordinary jobs. Sheworked in offices as a receptionist at an office owned by one of herlate mother`s family friend. Mr. Oliver believed in her strength anddetermination and was surely convinced that she would serve best ather position. The consultant company was barely beginning and themanagement would not afford to pay elites with huge Curriculum Vitae.They had to take advantage of freshmen for the time being as thecompany picked up.

Twoyears later the company picked up and with little in-service, Alexwas awarded a secretary position. She would remain enthusiastichoping for a guardian angel to brighten her future. She workedtirelessly for the company and kept good records. Days passed, weekspassed, months passed and years passed.

Shewould often receive advice to join college and pursue a simple coursethat would help advance her computer skills. That way, she wouldstand a chance of promotion within the company. However, she had notforgotten her desire to become a doctor. Her dream was steered by adesire to heal. She believed that if she had the skills her motherwould be alive. It was the greatest treasure she had acquired throughher childhood and losing her mother was a nightmare.

Whenher younger brother completed high school, she managed to save somemoney. When it was enough, she enrolled to study nursing on part-timebasis and she would spend time working to sustain her life. It was atough decision but she was determined. No one would change her mind.She had finally landed on her course and what she perceived as herdream. Little did she know that it was just the beginning of herdesired Destiny?

Alexstudied day and night and would cease every little time to perusethrough her books. In her last year, she was forced to stop workingand go out for an experienced that she performed exceptionally well.She put more effort into her studies and managed to complete hercourse.

Oncompletion, she did not get full employment with a big organization,but she always got some jobs with the local hospitals. She was happyand marveled at her achievements, because getting a job was a greatthing for her. She worked day in day out and each day she woke upwith a smile hoping to perform a healing miracle. She created a goodrapport with her patients and soon she was crowned the nurse of theyear.

Shewas moved to female wards, male wards, Intensive Care Units andPediatric wards. It was while she was working at the Pediatric wordthat she realized that she had a higher calling. She served a childwho reminded her of her mother. She decided to get back to school andspecialize in her studies to become a pediatrician.

Afterstudies, she got a job with a hospital in New York City. She gotmarried and had a kid. Her supportive husband who was a procurementmanager by then encouraged her in all her endeavors. She wasdetermined to open a pediatric hospital where she would nurse andtreat children. She dared to see children suffer. She had treatedmany but it was not enough yet. She believed that she would make adifference. What she had conceived she was surely determined toachieve.

Yearslater she opened Parrish Hospital. The hospital created wide jobopportunities to the community. She was determined to help people asshe was a product of merciful sponsor. Yearly, they would set a daythat they would do free cancer screening to people and cater forchildren who had come from poor backgrounds.

Sheunderstood the medical problems that such people experienced and shewould often associate with them. To Alex, the problems that peoplefaced were an attachment and a reminder to her past that kept hermoving. Instead of feeling sympathy for the patients, she encouragedthem and took time to converse with them, and even share her story.This was a way of giving her patients strength and also inspiringpeople through her life. The past that gave her strength to do whatshe endeavored to do every day.

Itwas not enough, but she had already done a lot. She had one lastassignment that would make her sit back and smile at herachievements. She launched a children home. She walked to the podiumto address the crowd. She stood and straightened up to read thewritten speech that she had tightly held.

Withoutlooking at the papers, Alex Parish fixed her eyes on her audience andslowly narrated her journey. She allowed drops of tears to freelyflow down her face as she reflected about her life. The crowd wasquite but moved. It was a long journey worth the challenges as thefruits overflew. She was an icon that people lived to cherish. Alexwas not only a heroine but also a role model to many generations.