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Moreand Tyndale`s Debate

Moreand Tyndale are among the people in the 15th century who were boldenough to critic Christianity and way of worship. At this period,people were sentenced to death for heresy and, therefore, opted to besilent on religious matters. According to Thomas More, what matteredmost was the Holy Spirit. He claimed that the Holy Spirit dwelt inchurches and temples and it was the right place to worship.

Onthe other hand, Tyndale claimed that the Bible was technicallywritten by God and was more powerful of all. Therefore, with the word(Bible) people could worship from anywhere and not just in thechurch. Although both had contradicting ideas on a place of worshipand what matters most, they both contrasted homily. They were againstthe church leaders who were out to manipulate people`s beliefs andbehavior to retain power and authority in the church. More andTyndale debated on individual worship as they intended to directpeople on the correct way of worship.


Responseto Amanda Rossol


Iagree with Amanda`s argument that More and Tyndale debated on anorder of importance despite their contrasting ideas. More recognizedHoly Spirit while Tyndale recognized the Bible. Their debates weremotivated by a desire to end corrupt ways of leaders who aimed atretaining top positions for individual gains. They aimed at having abetter way of worship that is not corrupted by church leaders.


Responseto Emily Krieger


Itend to disagree with Emily on the issue that More and Tyndale wantedpeople to worship God in their way. In my opinion, they wereproviding a guideline on the priorities of Christianity and stronglyagainst recognizing church leaders as the signs of power andauthority. That way, Christians would have a wider view of religion.