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Lesson13: Adding details I

A.Theboys trashed the yard, scattering garbage all over and ran to avoidbeing seen.

Theboys trashed the yard, casting rotten food on the ground as theyhappily played football in the streets.

B.Jonathan couldn’t finish the marathon, panting hard because he hadan asthma attack.

Jonathancouldn’t finish the marathon, slipping and falling hard on theground causing him to have severe injuries on his right elbow.

C.The salesclerk wore mismatched clothes, looking overdressed for themeeting.

Thesalesclerk wore mismatched clothes, impressing that he hard no tastein good dress code causing him to painfully loose his client toanother .

D.A helicopter hovers over the brightly lit scene, finding a good placeto land.

Ahelicopter hovers over the brightly lit scene, dispersing the dust,flowing into the delicate eyes of those on the ground .

E.The Twin Towers imploded into two heaps, falling with a thud on theground.

TheTwin Towers imploded into two heaps, crushing at its base, killingover two thousand people who were in the building and grosslyinjuring the passers by.


Tsunamisare tidal waves that are usually intensely triggered by strongundersea earthquakes or burning volcanic eruptions. Notably, smalltsunamis do not have lasting effects, whereas, large tsunamis createenormous damage to coastal areas. They hazardously destroy buildings,cities, and lives. In an illustration, the appalling 2004 tsunami inthe Indian Ocean was massive. It killed more than 200,000 people anddestroyed property in a dozen Southeast Asian countries, which areIndonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. However, the biggesttsunami of all occurred 3.5 million years ago at the time a speedinggiant meteor crashed into the ocean, producing a wave that circledthe earth several times. It crushingly devastated everything but themountains. It changed the shape of the massive continents and nearlyexterminated all breathing life on earth. Tsunamis, therefore,surprisingly create and destroy at the same time.

Makingshowing statements

A.Theturning of the medium wave radio seemed cumbersome as it could notsettle on a channel, for all channels blared.

B.Theupheaval that arose in the school halls as a result of poor hygienewere tense.

C.Lesley’sbrown kitten moved about swaying and waging its long tailmagnificently through my spaced legs.

D.Theschools had closed and the holiday was right on time. It meant beingfree from the school routine and joining the family at home. It waspacked with many an activity and celebrations, one of which wasblowing the fireworks, which were spectacular in the sky as they roseup to decorate the heavens with beauty.

E.Thecelebrated artist had sworn to produce an excellent picture thatwould completely change the field of art. Therefore, he expended allhis might and energy through the days to create this masterpiece.


Sleepis requisite in any person’s life. Studying teenagers sleepingpatterns informs any one relating to teens of their sleepingtendencies to become aware of how to handle them. For instance, whenEddy falls asleep at his desk, the teacher screams to his earscausing the students to laugh. Elsewhere, a frustrated parent standsoutside a ninth grader’s bedroom and ghastly loudly shouts whiletrying to awaken an oversleeping daughter or son. These are typicalpictures to American teens. The questions, therefore, are why arethese events rampant and why do teens love their sleep so much?

Sleepresearchers offer a scientific explanation as to these sleepingtrends. The researchers postulate that the cause is not laziness.They state that adolescents just need more sleep, which lasts up tonine hours. An adolescent is defined as a person between eleven andtwelve years of age. It serves to note that in the late puberty, thebody releases the sleep-related hormone, melatonin, at a differenttime than it commonly does which changes the circadian rhythms thatguide a person`s sleep or wake cycle. Circadian rhythms arebiological functions that vary according to the time of the day inresponse to daylight or dark. Adolescents have a pattern of stayingup late and sleeping late, and this is for some reasons.

Manyfamilies have at least one such sleepyhead teenager, and the familieshave stories to tell about them.

Unfortunately,most high schools start very early in the morning when teenagers needan extra hour of sleep. Perhaps it is time for educators toreconsider the high school hours because plainly we do not want towitness the halls populated with sleepwalking zombies, do we?

Addingdetails II

F.The yellow Labrador pranced around the park, elegantly walking pastthe mango tree..

Theyellow Labrador pranced around the park, backing at the young lad whowas kicking the plastic bone to the other end of the park.

G.The protesters stood at the entrance to the waste dump, waiting to beaddressed over the emanating stench from the dump.

Theprotesters stood at the narrow entrance to the waste dump, angrilyshouting at the directors, for carelessly dumping their waste,breeding many diseases that already affected their health.

H.The tricycle sits rusting in the yard, lacking a wheel to raise itfor use.

Thetricycle sits rusting in the yard, affecting its engine, preventingit from being operational on any road.

I.The crowd watched the firefighters, hurrying to the site thatexperienced an inferno.

Thecrowd watched the firefighters, loading their tools up to the fourthfloor, salvaging the situation that would have grown worse had theynot arrived on time.

J.Ramon sat entranced in front of the computer screen, wondering how itworked.

Ramonsat entranced in front of the computer screen, writing a letter tohis friend, looking at her picture and reminiscing of the sweet timesthey spent on holiday.


SomeAmericans think team sports are outdated and point to the mushroomingpopularity of alternative sports. It is also observed that magazinesdevoted to alternative sports appear on the newsstand promotingalternative sports.

ESPN`sX Games, the &quotOlympics&quot of alternative sports, began in1995. It is worth noting that attendance of and television ratings atthe X Games has increased rapidly. Increasing numbers of Americansparticipate in alternative sports. Alternative sports have sites thatare set entirely different from the grassy stadiums of team sports.Alternative sports take place on the street, in half-pipes, in thewater, in the air, and on rock walls.

Somealternative sports are also termed extreme sports because they have ahigh-risk factor. The X-venture racing competition is the mostextreme sport in the X Games. It sounds tame compared to some otherextreme sports. Extreme sports include slacklining, foot-launchedflight, and base jumping.

Alternativesports invite participants from all walks of life, among them a groupcalled the gravity slaves. Gravity slaves are athletes whoparticipate in slacklining, foot-launched flight, and base jumping.Gravity slaves love the risk of defying gravity`s pull. Alternativesports may, however, not be risky to everyone.

Dueto the popularity surge of alternative sports, some stockbrokers areadvising their clients to invest in alternative sports equipment,fashion, and apparel manufacturers.

Itis time alternative sports were rightfully regarded as the primarysport. The popularity is evidenced by the fact that over 200,000 haveattended the X Games every year since 1996. More males age twelve tothirty-four watch the X Games on TV than any other sporting event.Also, gravity Magazine covers extreme sports. It also suffices tomention that more than 9 million Americans participate inskateboarding.

Alternativesports entail numerous sports, among them sky surfing, which involvesparachutists performing stunts in free fall while one of the teamvideos their routines from a helmet-mounted camera. Aggressivein-line vert skaters perform their routines inside half-pipes, sameto bicycle stunt riding. Street luggers race down city streets onflimsy sleds. Barefoot ski jumpers do not use water skis.Wakeboarders use the wake of their motorboats to leap ten to twelvefeet into the air and perform acrobatic stunts. Sports climbers raceto the top of climbing walls (Downing,5).

Inexplanation, X-venture racing requires three-person teams to cover270 miles in six days across water, desert, and mountains by hiking,climbing, and kayaking. Slacklining resembles tightrope walkingexcept that the athlete walks on nylon webbing instead of a cable.Foot-launched flight includes hanging, gliding, and paragliding offmountains and cliffs (Downing,10-15). The base jumpers leap off tallbuildings and bridges, wearing a parachute. Finally, one base jumperleaped off the world`s highest tram above Chamonix in the FrenchAlps, free-falling for twenty-six seconds.

A) Autobiographical statement

Iam eighteen years old and have just graduated from Feurtado High.Ihave an older brother, Vince, who lives in Detroit, and two youngersisters, Alice, and Connie, who live at home and attend junior highschool. After completion of high school, I have applied to fourcolleges Beloit College, University of Minnesota, Purdue University,and East Carolina University to consider my admission to pursue adegree. I plan to major in history upon admission. While in highschool, I developed a variety of interests to equip me as anindividual and add to my contribution to the society. In my junioryear, I starred in my school`s production of the play Our Town. Iplayed the clarinet in my high school orchestra and received themusic award in my senior year. I mind my health because a person ingood health offers the society their all without strain. Therefore, Ijog daily and occasionally play tennis and volleyball. I also have aliking for swimming and water skiing. When not involved in anystrenuous activity I like to relax outdoors, reading travel orhistory books under a tree or fishing at the creek while relaxingindoors, I play Ping-Pong and watch T.V. My favorite programs are 60Minutes, Jeopardy, and Biography. Owing to my concern for thecommunity, I was sponsored by Buzz Auffenneuter`s CentralElectronics, and participated in a dance marathon last year whichraised $235 for the volunteer firefighters fund.

Ihave had achievements to show for my dedication. I founded the YoungHistorians Club and was editor of the club magazine Historiana. I wasrecently named the president of the local chapter of the YoungDemocrats. Last fall, I campaigned in my neighborhood for StateRepresentative Chin. For the past three summers, I`ve supervised thedelivery and distribution of magazines, newspapers, and paperbackbooks for Edna`s News and Novelties. Also, my analysis of Lincoln`sGettysburg Address, entitled &quotA Mirror for Gettysburg Lincolnand His Archetypes,&quot won the annual R. F. Davis Award for thebest essay by a senior.

Someof my personal ambitions involve marrying and settling aftercompletion of my degree, teaching high school history and another isto enter local politics and eventually run for the state Senate.

Basedon my past performance, my teachers and coaches predict success forme in the future. They often compliment me on my diligence,perseverance, and good sense.

B)Letter to a new college roommate


Iam Brenda, eighteen years old and just graduated from Feurtado highschool. I am pleased to identify myself to you for am earnestlylooking forward to enjoying a mutual and beneficial relationship withyou.

Ihave been raised under the supervision of staunch Christian parents.I have learned values that I believe to guide my life. Through myyears of childhood, I have had the opportunity to develop myprinciples and interests, my passions and compassion. I am not ajudgmental person. I am sensitive and considerate to other people’sfeelings. I have learned the art of sacrifice.

Iwould also like to mention that as a form of exercise I havedeveloped a liking for dance, and I dance to every tune so long as itcould cause my limbs to move. Well, I do not smoke and am alsoallergic to cats. I love hot Mexican food, however, lately, I haveformed a new food passion for Thai food.

Itis with delight that I inform you that am looking forward to apeaceful and fruitful stay with you.




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