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WhySlavery was Injurious to the Slaveholder by Frederick Douglass.

Theexistence of slavery in a country, where its forefathers fought sothat every person would be free, branded the great nation of theUnited States as pretentious and it’s Christianity a lie. Itsconstitution was a liberty document, which had no intention to putany person under the very oppressions that the forefathers of theUnited States fought against.

TheUnited States being propagators of slavery, an inhumane act,destroyed their moral influence abroad and eventually perverted thepoliticians at home. Congress passed laws which legalized theseheinous acts, bounding its citizens to participate in the slave tradewithout regard of African Americans lives. And how could such acountry pretend to have sympathy towards a neighbor’s citizens whowere under the oppression of a tyrant, when its citizens were underchains! Such actions prevented progress by fostering cruel acts.

Also,slavery was injurious to religion as it conflicted with itsprinciples. Through worship, all men are regarded equal before theeyes of the Lord, but slavery denied the Africans American theirliberties of religion which are divine. Douglas uses Isaiah to showhow the actions of slaveholders are vile. He implores them to stopdoing evil and perform acts of mercy towards the oppressed. Thechurch did not speak against slavery on the contrary, it advocatedslavery. Thus, it prepared a ground where the religion would favorthe rich against the poor divide people into social class that ofslaves and tyrants by exalting the proud above the humble. Ittrampled on the underlying principles of religion which are love andmercy for our brethren.


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