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Thefirst video is about “Direct Imaging of Exoplanets – BruceMacintosh (SETI Talks).”

Thistalk is all about discovery of a new exoplanet, which is referred as“51 Eri b” as it is like a planet. From the talk, the orbit staris 100 light years from the constellation of Eridanus. Through theapplication of fresh technology, like imaging device, astronomerswere in a position to observe a Jupiter, similar to exoplanet 100light-years that is near the constellation of Eridanus. It is worthnoting that this planet was observed directly unlike most of theplanets. In addition, the technology that was applied in order tomake the discovery of new planet has also been applied to make aspectroscopic analysis regarding the reflected light from the planet.Consequently, there were gases that were detected from this planet,which are almost similar with the one in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

SinceGPI has the capabilities of spreading its lights in order to conductchemical analysis, astronomers are in a good position of searchinggases like methane and water in such atmospheres. However, gases likemethane were detected in small quantity even though astronomers wereaiming for higher exploration. This was due to prior technology thatwas not effective as the new one. With the new technology, (GPI), itrevealed that there was lots of methane in the atmosphere which issimilar to that of Jupiter.

Itis worth noting that, The host star, 51 Eri is considered as veryyoung, just 20 million years old, and it is just somewhat hottercompared with the Sun. The mass of exoplanet 51 Eri b is approximatedto be twice of Jupiter and it is seems to orbit its host starts at anapproximate distance of 13 times huge that the Earth-Sun distance. Incase the new discovered planet was placed in our system, it would liebetween those of Neptune as well as Saturn.

Thesecond video is, “Are Old Galaxies Really Red and Dead? – Leo Blitz(SETI Talks)”

Thisis a very interesting topic to discuss about. First, it is worthnoting that galaxies are categorized into two classes, which areelliptical as well as spiral. The elliptical are considered as theolder type of galaxies unlike the spirals. In addition, theelliptical are hugely made of old stars that provide them a reddishcolor. Moreover, they possess a small interstellar material thatassist in making new stars. Consequently, these galaxies are largelyregarded as “red and dead.” From the lecture talk, there is asignificant fraction of these galaxies including a chilling quantityof neutral hydrogen, and as a result, they form stars, although at alow speed compared to the spiral galaxies.

Theold type galaxies (elliptical) outside of cluster can be observedaccreting gas within the surrounding area, which can be considered asthe source of gas fueling the formation of stars to take place. It isalso worth noting that those galaxies can be observed in theircenters to include super-massive black holes. Those black holes seemto be the ones that are releasing more gasses, which fall into thenuclei of those galaxies, thereby triggering the intergalacticmedium.


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