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Gender discrimination

Traditionally, women have been considered an inferior gender in termsof their role, opportunities, rights and positions in the society.Gender inequality has been experienced in nearly all societies aroundthe globe with the women being the victims. Men were consideredsuperior to women in all sectors of the society. The cultural valuesand customs were designed in a manner that favors men and consideredthem to have more abilities than women. There has been the need toprovide a fair ground for both men and women where no one is givenmore advantages than the other. There are several organizations,movements, and events that have pushed for laws that ensure equalitybetween the men and women, and eliminate gender discrimination. Thispaper shows the need for gender equality and how women can performwhen given the opportunity.

Rosalind Einhorn,a Jewish lady, born in 1917, was brought up in a poor family livingin the New York City. She experienced gender discrimination justright within her family. During her time, boys were given firstpriority in education as men were seen to have more economic value tothe society. The big positions in the society were occupied by menworkplaces were crowded with men. During the economic depression,Rosalind was forced to drop out of school. However, no one would haveconsidered taking a boy out of school no matter how poor they may be.Boy’s education was believed to enhance the financial and socialstatus of a family. According to the society of that time, girls madethe least contribution to the family’s income. Religious andcultural positions were left for men studying the Torah in Jewishculture was the responsibility of men. Women were given theresponsibility of taking care of the home while men led the wholesociety.

Rosalind and herfellow women were given inferior positions. Decision making was theresponsibility of men. Men made decisions even on matters that affectwomen only since they were given the authority to control the affairsof the whole society. However, women showed their excellence inwhatever they performed and even better than men. When Rosalindresigned from her job, four people were employed to take care of herresponsibility. Most of the women who were given chance proved thetraditional analogy that they are less productive. Furthermore, menwho sought the help of their women financially and during decisionmaking were considered weak.

Men and womenhave differences such as their anatomy, but no gender is inferiorsince tasks performed by men can be performed by women. When givenequal opportunities, both boys and girls will perform relatively thesame. The notion within various societies that some task, such asathletics, cannot be performed by women is a misconception. Thesociety an individual lives in determines how different genders aretreated. Families should provide equal opportunities and treat alltheir children equally regardless of their gender. The way a personis raised determines how they think about the opposite gender. Inorder to ensure gender equality, all groups of people should beinvolved, but not leaving the burden to some few women. The growth ofthe society is higher when every individual participates in variousactivities and programs. Women also have their role to play in thesociety and therefore, should be given adequate education,opportunities, and resources as men.

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