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Worldviewrefers to a structure that affects the way we see a reality thatmakes us make sense of world and life. The structure may be amovement, philosophy, ideology or religion. That way, an individualdevelops a strategy for understanding life and man`s relationshipwith nature. Defining one`s purpose in life determines the point ofreference. Often, an individual worldview defines their morality aswell as the source of truth. Morality is measured against beliefs ofwhat is right and what is wrong. It is also the driving force thatdetermines an individual emotional reaction, decision-making as wellas actions taken. As a result, worldview affects how an individualreacts towards various areas of life such as politics, law, science,religion and art among others.

Christianityis a religion based on a biblical worldview that focuses on life aswell as teachings of Jesus Christ. Believers of this particularreligion believe that the Bible is the word of God and it is entirelytrue. Therefore, they live to love and serve God as it is consideredas the main duty of human beings to God. Over time, Christianity hasbeen the largest religion in the world. However, a very smallpercentage of the believers are considered to follow the teachings tothe letter. That small percentage is able to integrate biblicalprinciples and use them to form moral solutions to challenges inlife. However, most people identified as Christians happen to own abible and know some of its content but rarely use the core principalsas moral manuals.

Christianslive trying to emulate Jesus Christ who is believed to be the son ofGod. His life is viewed perfect and according to how God wanted humanbeings to behave. Therefore, before taking an action or getting asolution to a problem one would consider what Christ would do if hewas in similar situations. Apart from emulating Jesus, they alsorefer to the truth of biblical scripture as it is supposed to be thefoundation of what one says and do or think. Therefore, absolutetruth to Christians is based on bible teachings and there is also awide study of God as well as the relationship between God and man.

Christianitymorals are easily corrupted. The major reasons behind this corruptionare the fact that secular relative truths are rampant, readilyavailable through social media, seductively appealing and forms alarger part of people`s worldview. That way, a majority are likely tolure the minority in believing in secular relative truth at anexpense of biblical absolute truth. Therefore, for a Christian tostand in faith and religious beliefs, reading the bible only is notenough. An extra step of fellowshipping with others is essential asit gives strength in unison and knowledge that one is not alone andlost. The fellowship also helps in a better interpretation of thescripture hence a wider religious view of life and an entire world.

Asan individual, I agree with Christianity. It is a strong religiousentity that not only makes sense of what other frameworks cannotexplain but also has the capacity to withstand unrelenting tides ofcultural ideas. Through faith in God, one is subjected to correctdecision making and solutions to life challenges. Christianity alsogives some form of joy and satisfaction in life considering that onehas a purpose to live for God. That way, one also believes thateverything that happens has a reason and that a divine power is incontrol and always watching over you.