Student’s introduction essay

Seize every opportunity that comes your way and be courageous in the face of new challenges. These are some of the lessons that I have learned from Pastor Joel Osteen’s book, Your Best Life Now. It was the same book that motivated me to study abroad. When I was presented the opportunity to continue my studies in the U. S. , I knew that things would not be easy. However, I took it as a challenge and a stepping stone that I needed to overcome in order to achieve my goals and become what I wanted to be. My name is Sang Yoon Kim and I came from South Korea.

I was born into a very harmonious family, headed by my father who works as a computer engineer and my mother who works for our church. I also have a sister who is now a college student. Rifts and heated discussions are inevitable in every family, but I consider these problems as the means to further bind our family together. I have always believed that every trial’s purpose is to make us stronger. It is an understatement to say that it was difficult to live away from my parents in order to study abroad. No words can describe how hard it was for me during my first three months in the U. S.

I experienced waves of homesickness and had some trouble in adapting to my new environment. But with the help of prayers, the Bible and the unwavering support of my family, I was encouraged to step forward and focus on my goals as the days went by. Here in the U. S. , I attended the St. Thomas More School in Connecticut and then later transferred to Subiaco Abbey and Academy in Arkansas. Since my goal is to major in mechanical engineering, my interests involve chemistry, physics, and mathematics subjects. When I was still in Korea, I was a member of the PSC, a famous science club in Banpo High School.

I can say that being a member of such club has influenced me in many positive ways. In that club, I was able to mingle with people who share the same interests in the sciences. Members of the PSC would discuss about chemical experiments or new scientific facts during our vacant time. I was also able to establish good connections and communicate with my seniors and colleagues to share information and fellowship with them. PSC also gave me a sense of responsibility during my high school life by giving me opportunities to participate in real experiments and school science exhibits.

These experiences have given me good memories and taught me more than any textbook would have. That is why I believe I’m going to have a good time with my PSC colleagues when I visit Korea for the winter vacation. Although my primary school life practically revolves around studying, I also pursue other extracurricular activities. I am aware that not everything we need in life can be learned from books or inside classrooms. That is why along with putting my best efforts to improve my academic standings for my Biology and English subjects, I still enjoy exercising and playing sports after school.

I enjoy playing basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. In St. Thomas More School, I was even part of the Basketball and the Lacrosse varsity teams. On weekends, I still enjoy riding bicycle motocross or playing tennis with my friends. Aside from sports, I am also musically-inclined. My father is a superb guitarist who influenced me to learn how to play the bass guitar. At present, I am also a choir member at Subiaco Abbey and Academy as a tenor and I have been practicing hymns for Christmas Day.

I also enjoy listening to hip-hop, band, and rock music like other typical American teenagers. I am so excited to meet my new teachers and friends at the New Academy. This is another big step forward that I am taking with fervent hopes that each step brings me closer to my goals and dreams. No road towards any goal is ever made easy. But each difficulty is a challenge and a chance to improve oneself. I hope that I can contribute my talents to the New Academy and its community by devoting my time and effort to serve the people who need my help and support.