Student`s essay

DanceConcert Critique

Theshow that I attended was a contemporary dance ensemble “Unbound”at Utah Valley University. I attended the dance on 13th of April,2011. The group was performing to Jazz music. The dance that wasperformed by the group was exciting and fearless thus automaticallyleaving the audience enjoying the dance. The concert was meant toshowcase the concepts as well as the ideas that choreographers findvery relevant currently. In this show, three works were featured.These works included that of Doris Hudson de Trujillo, who is anArtistic Director. The show also included the work of AngelaBanchero-Kelleher and that of guest artists Stevan Nonakovich andMike Esperanza. Reactions to each of these works performed on theshow were different. The work of Mike Esperanza, for instance, wasvery moving and had more of emotional connection. On the other hand,the work of Stevan Nonakovich, titled “Opus 4” was quite anexcellent performance. While performing, Mike used the notion ofchoreographing short scenes through a persistent change of moodsbetween them, while leaving the audience with open choice in regardsto the conclusion. On her part, Angela Banchero-Kelleher performed incollaboration with Linda Smith of RDT and Marcus Vincent. Theperformance, which was titled as “Lacuna” mainly sought tohighlight the manner in which individuals can engage in mattersconcerning water. The other performances included “Sentient” and“Who’s Got Me Now”. The performance of Sentient was quitemoving as the performers explored the degree of consciousness of thejoyful nature of individuals. The latter performance was mainlyfocused on the changing roles and responsibilities of gender, thelarger family setup and the duty of caring for children in thesociety. Whileexploring the movement process and the details of the concert, thispaper will explore the relevant choreography concepts in theperformance titled “Sentient”. The paper critiques theperformance on different grounds including music, costumes, the feelof piece, the number of dancers and the video in general.

Atfirst sight, one of the notable thing about Sentient performance wasthe ease with which the performers were moving. They were moving asif the spine was just liquid. Every other person would take note ofthis impression. The dancers have great moves, one releases herweight on the floor and then raises both legs only to support theother dancer whom one would think was almost falling. Even as theballerinas perform, they are swift in changing directions, and eachmove dictates the mood of the dancer as clearly seen from the facialexpressions. The quick movement is evident when the ballerinas are inÀ la seconde position (Hammond 12). They do it so fast and gets backto a position where they face the audience. The attitude move asdisplayed by the ballerinas is just excellent. They maintain theposition and stretch in a superb manner. The ballerinas are involvedin different moves while dancing. At one point, they show slowmovement with a lot of fluidity. The dancers stand on one foot, twisttheir ankles and turn even on one leg. While undertaking the moves,different body parts of the ballerinas are involved. These partsinclude the legs, arms, and torso especially when the ballerinas aremaking the avant move. While moving the legs of the ballerinas areadaptable and bent in most cases (Hammond 34). However, when standingon one leg, the leg tends to be straight. The performance is quiteintense and the energy there seems to be a free flow of energy. Thelevels of dancing nonetheless are medium and in some forms ofasymmetry. The dancers are six, and this supports their symmetricaltendencies. The tempo of performance varies and seems to be fast slowin nature. Indeed, reviewing the performance, it is evident thatdifferent elements of choreography relevant today are covered. Theitems are included in various parts of the performance including themusic, costumes, and the feel of piece, the number of dancers and thevideo in general.

Theperformance of Sentient was quite moving as the performers exploredthe degree of consciousness of the joyful nature of individuals. Theintention of the choreographer was to ensure that every other personenjoys the dance presented. Enjoying the dance is for both the noviceand the connoisseurs of the contemporary dance. At the same time, thechoreographers wanted to ensure that the dancers get the opportunityand are engaged maximally. One of the motives of the choreographersis to communicate a message indeed, the choreographer was right atthe choice of the performers who were in a position to relay his orher message. Through the good performance, the work of thechoreographer can easily be interpreted and understood by the lovers.The dance and the moves that were shown were indeed swift, connectingand accurate hence ensuring that the joyful nature of life is clearlybrought out. The intention of the choreographer is evident throughthe moves, indeed the chemistry, and the connection of theperformers.

Theconcert was successful, and one would never dare miss suchperformances. In fact, the show offered a good platform for thechoreographer to pass their message, the dancers to showcase theirperformances and talent and the audience to learn and enjoy theperformances.


Hammond,Sandra Noll. Ballet:Beyond the basics.Waveland Press, 2011.