Speech delivery reflection essay

Speechdelivery reflection


Reflectingon the journey of mastering the skill of public speaking andtolerable speech delivery, I can only conclude that the journey hasnot been in any way an easy one. However, regardless of the toughtimes up and down the task, I have an immense gathering ofinformation that I view has been of great help to me to help me reachmy status. There were few challenging times where the task seemedalmost as impossible, and at other times in more than often occasion,the process of conquering the fears gave in a new drive, motivationto kick forward, discovery more, and more in the vast space ofeffective speech delivery. My reflective writing focuses on some ofthe regions that I find most imperative through the experience.

Amongthe most difficult processes is the ability to conquer the stageanxiety and the restlessness when delivering a speech. The challengeis a common one to any new person to the speech delivery, but despitethe struggles, there are ways to conquer the complex mountain ofanxiety. The first step in reducing anxiety begins with therecognition as to why the person is anxious, maybe could be from thehuge crowds, or from the low content of the information delivered(Reynolds 2011). From such discoveries, the person then tackles thereason to conquer the fear once it is speech time. An additional wayto handle the anxiety is quieting the inner always critic self.Overcoming the negative thoughts yourself boosts personal confidence,a pivotal factor in delivering keynote speeches. Carry out majorpreparation for the speech and identify the key guidelines of thespeech (Reynolds 2011) Mastery of style of delivery, knowing thetopic exhaustively, learning the traits of the audience, andfamiliarizing with the presentation area helps hugely to reduceanxiety.

Apartfrom managing the anxiety during the presentation process, I foundthat ethical speaking hugely adds value to the impact of the messageon the audience. Speeches that arouse controversy have deep contentof violence, supremacy, extreme power, and hatred that could make thehuman skin crawl. The following tips help measure your speech againstany form of extremism and works to keep the speech within ethicallimits. It is imperative to ensure the message sounds ethicallyright, the information should be the truth, avoid resting cases onstereotypes and bias discoveries, believe in the power of yourdelivery, show utmost respect for the audience, and you at least needto have a preparation of a way to answer any questions hurled towardsyou by the audience. The principles guiding ethical speech deliveryare truthfulness in the message, the dignity in conduct, respect,trustworthiness, and integrity in the matter under discussion.Analyzing the audience before the presentation goes a long way toboost the process of effective speech and public speaking. Theanalysis of the audience gives the speaker the ability and advantageto modify their speech to suit the various needs of the sittingaudience. Knowing the audience additionally gives the speaker a hintof what the audience needs to listen to, depending on their ages,their work class, their profession, need for assembling among manyother factors that distinguish between the various audiences.

Developmentof the supporting material is a crucial element to developing a goodspeech and then additionally delivering it to the audience. Theinternet acts as a good source of information, but it is goodpractice to find more information to offer to the audience.Resourceful information makes the presentation more engaging sincethe audience learns of various elements that they did not know beforethe presentation. The speech arrangement process regards the way inwhich the layout of the speech will follow during its delivery. Theorganization of the points should always follow a chronological orderto ensure efficiency in the message to the audience. Additionally, itis standard procedure to have speeches introduction follow protocolto distinguish between the various ranks of the audience.

Theintroduction and the conclusion of the speeches and the publicspeaking contain a huge importance to the overall impact of thespeech. The introduction of the speech gives a hint to the listenersas to what they should expect from the talk, and gives an estimate ofthe issues at hand from the speaker. Moreover, the introduction willact as a chance for the speaker to create a rapport with the audienceto determine their attentiveness to the speaker. Informative speechesform the basis as educative about a certain topic. They are not byany way argumentative rather they describe, explain, or announcetheir subject case without taking sides or leaning on sides. Themethods of delivery hugely depend on the content of information ofthe speech, and the information has facts that help make a point, asthrough educative knowledge.

Methodsof speech delivery to captivate the full audience are imperative topush forward the message effectively. The voice intonations,variations, audibility, and clear pronunciation of the words andclear articulation of the words deliver the point home during thedelivery of the speech and the action of public speaking. Bodylanguage, movements, and stage management additionally set themessage across to the sitting audience. Persuasive essays andspeeches give the speaker a chance to understand the various dynamicsused to convince people to follow their line of argument. Personalcredibility acts as a huge factor to ensure the successful deliveryof a persuasive speech. The audience needs to have a convincing theperson delivering the speech means and believes in what they talkabout while at the stage.

Inconclusion, the full process of communicating effectively with theaudience gets even better with the presence of presentation aids.Using slides to pass messages, films, stories, illustrations amongothers all comprise of the various aids that facilitate the processof effective speech delivery. The reflective path of mastering theart of effective speech delivery is endless and entails other majorhighlights. It is from such discoveries that we seek to learn evenmore of the additional method t to master the art. The responses fromthe audience give an idea on the effectiveness of the speech and theimpact of the message on the audience.


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