Speech Delivery essay

Physical appearance can affect the way a person delivers a speech in public. Physical appearance is one factor that makes or breaks a speech. In other words, when the countenance of a person speaking in public is good and presentable, there is no doubt that his or her speech would be effective. There are various reasons why physical appearance affects the way a person delivers a speech. First, when the person speaking knows and is aware that his or her physical appearance is presentable and good, it will increase self-confidence. Self-confidence is very important in conveying a message.

The presence of self-confidence in a speaker makes him or her fight against “stage fright”. The best example of this is the great speaker Barack Obama. Second, physical appearance would make an audience respect and listens to the speaker. The rapport between the speaker and the audience is also very important. When the speaker delivers his or her speech in front of the listeners, there is a great possibility that he or she would know the audience reaction. If the audience like the speech, the tendency is that they would listen carefully to the speech which can also add self-confidence.

Finally, physical appearance will also allow the speaker to enhance his or her speaking style. If the speaker looks good, he or she can convey and express him or herself well. Movement or gesture of the speaker can also enhance delivery of the message. The body language of the speaker reflects much of his or her sincerity of the speech delivery. If the speaker looks awkward of his or her actions, he or she cannot be respected and no one would like to listen to the speech. In delivering a speech, eye contact is necessary. It helps build rapport between the speaker and the audience.

If there is an invisible connection between the speaker and the audience, the tendency is that the message could be conveyed well and everything would be understood. The absence of eye contact in a speech will make it fake and unimpressive affecting the way message is delivered. Bill Cosby’s speech that was presented in the commencement exercises at Old Dominion University is very memorable. According to the Old Dominion University Alumnews, the said speech of Bill Cosby is delivered in such a way that at a moment we can smile and later we may cry considering that every sentence is infused with thought-provoking lines (Steve, 2008).

The speech was delivered carefully wherein no point was missed for the benefit of the listener. The expression used was channeled through humor and clarity combined with presence of mind. Every listener can relate to each and every food for thought being delivered. The gesture of the speaker can be respected since it was showed in such a way that a person can relate to the message and the speaker. The speaker never felt insecure before the listener since I can sense that the speech was delivered eloquently yet hilariously. There is a good balance between humorous presentation and serious conveyance of messages needed by the listener.

In other words, every message delivered by Bill Cosby does hurts yet properly conveyed as if a reminded is just served. That is the reason why graduates at the moment cannot forget the messages of Cosby particularly on being smart and proper goal setting. Together with voice clarity, presentable physical appearance and eloquence, the speech of Cosby is something to be taken as an example of an effective delivery of a speech.


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