Specific questions essay

What did you already know about your topic before you began your search? Prior to beginning my research on nursing, the topic that I identified, I was aware that there were had to be negative perspectives or else there most likely would not be such shortages in the field. There are also in-depth training programs that initially require a great deal of mathematics, science, anatomy, and physiology courses. Nurses must balance many aspects of life at once while also taking on academics and eventually practical training. What did you want to discover through your research and what specific questions did you want to answer?

Specifically, I hoped to share the brighter side of nursing as an occupation and a helpful necessity within life. There are so many people who need nurses, which is why the shortages are all the more important to fill. I also wanted to find additional information outside of what I already knew as a personal support for my decision to enter the field. What steps did you take in order to answer your research questions and gather information on your topic? Outline the steps below. There were several steps involved in answering the research questions as they were laid out for this paper.

First, I had to identify my topic and develop it into an idea that would be able to help me fulfill the requirements while also providing me with the information I sought. This took me to my next step where I focused on finding out as much as possible about my topic; including background information. Thirdly, I utilized catalogs in the library and various indexes to locate books and journal articles and I also decided to conduct an interview with an individual in the field of nursing to gain firsthand knowledge on the subject.

After concluding my search on the Internet, I compiled all of the related material and sorted through in order to extract that which I saw to be of most value. What obstacles or difficulties did you encounter during your research? There is a shortage of nurses worldwide, which seemed to be the content of a number of the articles related to the topic. It was rather difficult to find quality information in the top soil of potential resources. In order to locate the type of content I desired, I had to dig deeper.

Ultimately, this search led me to pursue other methods that proved to be much more valuable to the overall research paper. What research method/source did you find the most beneficial? As previously mentioned, the lack of quality material led me to conduct an interview with Ms. Johnson, a geriatric nurse. This method was not only helpful on a personal level but also added firsthand knowledge to my paper. Her thoughts and feelings coincided with those that I had prior to beginning my research, thus, she served as an incredibly beneficial source. What discoveries did you make about your topic through your research?

What was the evolution of your thoughts/knowledge on this topic? One of the most surprising facts that I learned in researching my topic was that there are not as many younger people going into the field of nursing. As it turns out, the average age of a registered nurse in the year 2000 was forty-four years old. Out of the entire nursing workforce, a mere twelve percent are under the age of thirty. These nurses will eventually become retirement age and if these positions do not begin to be filled by younger candidates the shortages will be even greater in the future.