Specific Purpose To persuade the audience about environmental conservation. essay

SpecificPurpose:To persuade the audience about environmental conservation.Introduction:

AttentionGetter/Credibility:Think about a hundred years from now. What do you think will be thestate of the world regarding the environment? Think of anyindications that you once lived on this side of the planet onehundred years from now. Are we planting trees like people did in thepast? Do you think the deforestation rate is growing or reducing bythe day?

Reasonto Listen:We all know that as we seek places to build our houses, we have toclear forests or trees. This is a modern day plague. Each and everyone of us has an opportunity to leave a mark in the world throughefforts in environmental conservation.

Thesis:The environmental forest cover is decreasing at an alarming rate, andif the current generation does not do something about, the futuregenerations will judge us harshly and hence the time to take actionis now (Zhu and David 112).The global citizens cannot afford toprocrastinate.Review:Everyone is in a unique position to play their part in conserving theenvironment through forestation and reforestation in an endeavor toprotect the water catchment areas and therefore preventdesertification (Bélisle, André and Marie-Josée 1898).

  1. There are several ways in which each one of us can play a part in conserving the environment.
    1. Let every individual plant at least five trees a year to increase the forest cover, and
    2. Go paperless.
    3. Follow Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines on wood.

Transition:The time to take action is now. No one should wait before taking anaction. In whatever you do, you can play your part to change thefuture direction of the environment.

  1. By increasing the forest cover, the environment would benefit in several ways.

    1. The rate of soil erosion will reduce and hence protect the soil nutrients that are important in the practice of farming.

Treesprotect the earth`s service from direct sun rays which causeweathering and further reducing the rate of soil erosion (Zhu andDavid 82). The decomposing green matter is a good source of organicmatter that is necessary for crop production, which will avail enoughfood for the humans and animals (Hansen 852).

    1. The forests are essential for the protection of the water catchment areas which prevents the drying of the rivers and hence prevent desertification.

    2. Mature forests can provide wood for furniture and other wood products such as papers.

    3. Forests also play a significant role in the regulation of carbon in the atmosphere, which is necessary for the reduction of the climate change (Hansen 853).

Duringthe process of photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon from the air andrelease oxygen which is vital for the survival of animals and plants.Decomposed organic matter accumulates over long periods of timeleading to the formation of layers of fossils that lay the foundationfor the accumulation of oil and other hydrocarbons in the service ofthe earth.

    1. Trees are just like water and without them there would be no life on the surface of the earth.

    2. Trees also provide fodder for animals, hence contributing to the growth of agriculture. Domestic animals give out organic manure as a result, and the vicious cycle continues (Zhu and David 92).


Restatethesis/main points:We cannot afford to ignore the important place held by trees in theconservation of the environment. All the people should join hands andplay their rightful role to conserve the environment by increasingthe forest cover.

Motivateaudience:Every effort made by an individual, groups, organizations andgovernments would go a long way to preserving the environment. Theactions that we engage currently will contribute substantially toconserving the environment for the future generations (Hansen 851).Everyone has a role to play however small. It is quiet operationscommitted that ultimately make a difference in the transformation ofthe world. It is the duty of everyone to make the world a betterplace for generations to come.

Closure:The time to take action is now. Let us all rise to the occasion andplay our roles and create a better world for everyone.


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