Special Event essay

With the dazzling and entertaining presentations that appeals to both the visual and other senses, captivates the relevance of the term “special event”. It is through this notion that different individuals’ perception of what is considered to be “special” varies greatly. By focusing on the different elements under which as situation or scenario becomes “special”, such concept can be determined and interpreted differently among individuals and groups.

Seeing this, I may define a “special event” to be a particular occurrence or scenarios considered to be important by people and are often celebrated in different ways. By doing such actions, there are heightened emotions and perceptions that are often out of the ordinary especially during a particular day. In the analysis of Robert Jani, his conception about the creation of parades in every Disneyland indeed showcases an event that is different than the normal routines that people and groups engage into. (citation here)

On the other hand, one must also look at the creation of special events in a bigger perspective. In the realm of sociology, a special event is a socially constructed idea that is accepted by every society and practiced by many. Thus, the creation of “special events” can greatly be attributed to man’s capability to construct under the influence of rules, practices and rituals promoted by society. (citation here) One may argue that the creation of a “special event” can occur because of a consensus among different individuals and groups with regards each ones particular importance.

These include rituals, practices and other methods that are deemed to be vital in the development and improvement of a society. Due to this, people have created different forms and set out dates of such “special events” to commemorate the momentous event that happened during a certain period of time. (citation here) Seeing this, one can argue that for a “special event” to be possible, there must be important elements that beset such concept. One important element that needs to be considered is planning.

No event can be considered important without the proper planning strategies that are in place. Such planning can create a perception and idea that is different than the usual things and events that take place. Moreover, the creation of a special event must be carefully managed and coordinated among the creators of such activity. Since such event/s seek to only provide an attentions during a particular period, mismanagement and non-coordinating can create a different impression among people and establish a notion that is seemingly ordinary.

Coordinators and managers must actively balance the challenges of time and actively creating perceptions that can enhance and stimulate their different ideas. Another thing to point out is the importance of the evaluation element. Since the concept of “special event” is subjective in orientation, there is a need to determine people’s perception and try to induce the notion that such occurrence or event truly fits the description of being special.

It is through this that convincing also remains to be an important facet in the creation of a “special event”. To conclude, the term “special event” is an idea that evolved from social practices of different rituals and scenarios that are deemed to be important by both individuals in society. For an event to be considered special, the elements surrounding it must be attained before achieving such status. In doing this, the varied responses and subjective interpretations are molded and developed into one solid belief; a special event.