Sourcing Plan essay


SourcingPlan for Dell Company

Sourcingis a process of proactively searching for candidates who arequalified for a position in the company or a place soon to be openedfor filling (&quotWhatis sourcing strategy and a 9 step guide to create one – Sourcing &ampRecruitment Info&quot, 2015).Sourcing does not involve reviewing the resumes sent to theorganization but rather it entails collecting relevant data regardingthe candidate, which includes titles, name and the responsibilities(&quotWhatis sourcing strategy and a 9 step guide to create one – Sourcing &ampRecruitment Info&quot, 2015).Therefore, it is important to note that sourcing is a human resourcefunction for recruiting. The sourcing plan is a blueprint forcompanies and institutions that help the human resource departmentwhile recruiting for the position (&quotWhatis sourcing strategy and a 9 step guide to create one – Sourcing &ampRecruitment Info&quot, 2015).It helps inadvertently in identifying the best candidates and alsocandidates who are passive job seekers.

Staffingplan, on the other hand, is a blueprint that enables employers to bein a position to analyze and at the same time respond to the existingstaff gaps in the company(&quotDevelopingStaffing Plans,&quot 2016).Active managers have a comprehensive staffing plan that enables themto balance the workforce within the enterprise. Staff plan isessential, and it has four basic tenets which are ensuring there isproper statistical information regarding the organization so thatwhen a staff plan is prepared it does not omit key material facts.Secondly, it should be communicated to all employees so that they canknow what is happening and why it is important for staffing plan. Theplan should also be innovative in nature so as to improve thecompany’s image, product, and services. Finally, the staffing planshould reflect the organization’s strategic plan and projections.

SourcePlan-Dell Sales Manager and sales representatives

DellCompany has been revamping its operations after years of downsizingtheir staff due to the tough economic times. The company has set outnew strategies and plans to help drive growth and sales and for thisreason, the company is recruiting sales managers and representativeswho are going to help the in business sales. The company’srecruiting team will be looking for a talented person who canrevolutionize sales strategies and marketing messages to bringpotential clients and boost the company’s brand.

Jobpositions advert

Thecompany needs a qualified manager with a minimum of masters of salesand marketing preferably in an IT or electric company. He /She shouldhave at least ten years of experience in the related field with aproven track record. On the other hand, the sales representatives forthe company need to have a minimum of the diploma in sales andmarketing with at least two years of experience in the sales field inIT or electric company.

Candidatesinterested in the position should log onto Dell’s careers portaland submit their resume together with a cover letter as well as theiracademic and professional certificates. The deadline for receivingthe application is two weeks from the date of this post. It isimportant to note that Dell Company is an equal opportunity for allin all applications shall be considered by the team of management.For more information on the positions advertised and applying /careers. The recruitment is open to both existingemployees and external candidates.


Themost successful companies are known to have the best source planswhich help them in articulating exactly what the company requireswhen recruiting which is always in line with their strategic plan(&quotWhatis sourcing strategy and a 9 step guide to create one – Sourcing &ampRecruitment Info,&quot 2015).Strategic source plans enable companies to cut cost and at the sametime save time during recruitment since companies know exactly whatthey want when recruiting and would not wish to waste time during theprocess.


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