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SonyMusic Entertainment


Though is a global entity with a lot of returnsregarding profits, it can still be improved. It has a broad range ofcustomers throughout the world all having different needs. But stillSony quenches its customer`s thirst using various mechanisms. Being aglobal entity and one of the hugest companies in the world, it needsa lot of aspects to maintain its dominance or grow even more. Beingof the oldest music labels i.e. it was formed in 1929 as AmericanRecord Corporation, the company enjoys a lot of dominance in theindustry. It has a qualified workforce that continuously add to theimprovement of the products. The (SME) wasborn in 1991 and has never looked back since then. Sony has been thepioneer of innovative designs such as transistor radios, Trinitrontelevisions, AIBO robots, and Walkman among others. Due to itspropensity of delivering innovative goods, it has mostly been copiedby its competitors like Panasonic, Sharp, and the rest. But itsenriched background has never ceased hence the enormous dominance inthe market. The following suggestions can boost the overall businessstrategic planning in the coming years.

Userinterface and design

Inthis type of business, innovation should be based on customerpreference. Hardware businesses such as televisions, mobile devices,cameras, and audio &amp video should be designed in a manner that isuser-friendly. They should be attractive to entice the customers.Most of the Sony products are quite advanced technically with veryhigh-quality features. However, the products have too manyspecifications that have no usage. In other words, some of thefeatures it contains are never utilized by the users. Though thestandards are quite many, they are not attractive to the users orrather they do not entice them. For instance in the televisions, nosingle broadcaster provides 3D telecasts or regular 4K yet flatscreen televisions are advertised utilizing these features.Additionally, many people like using single-speaker sound bars likesubwoofers to enrich the sound. As a matter of fact, the currentgeneration of youths spend less time in watching T.V. Rather theyare mostly on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook among other socialplatforms using smartphones or tablets. Though manufacturers aremaking sales in smart TVs, they are not smart. What if they indulgein making TVs user-friendly incorporating various features like voicerecognition, recording schedules, and YouTube access as well aschannel set-ups utilizing simple commands? Instead of producingtelevision sets armed with 4K or 3D capabilities that are not used,the company could incorporate the above aspects to attract customers.A solid state multi-tuner recording ability that allows one totime-shift the broadcast T.V. can be more efficient. In addition tothat, T.Vs cold incorporate some sound enhancer with an adequate baseto be even more attractive. It could even do more good if the TVswere to be wireless. It means the antenna should be wireless. In thatrespect, one can place the television anywhere in the house. The mostvital facet of any appliance entails user interface. Most devicenowadays, especially Sony`s audio and video elements, mobile devices,and cameras have many switches, dials, and buttons with crypticlabels. Such can be implemented in software to simplify its view andease of operation [ CITATION Nar15 l 1033 ].

Locationof products designs and interface

Sonyneeds to take its customer base into consideration. The products mustbe made considering the emerging markets. Regularly, people acrossthe globe defer regarding preferences. In that regard, manufacturersought to consider each and every aspect of their target markets tocater for all its customers. For instance, some countries suffer fromregular power outages. As a global entity, the company could produceproducts that have inbuilt storage batteries to counter the constantloss of power. Imagine people enjoying their programs even when thereis no power. It is a beautiful invention that can attract a largemarket. Many times, people are not afraid of spending if the productmeets their value for money. Android and Apple are not establishedwell enough in countries like India and China, especially due to thehigh prices. If Sony could utilize such an opportunity and make lowprice user-friendly devices, they have a chance of making enormoussales within these countries. In addition to that, the company couldtake advantage of the less electronic commerce to provide secureelectronic transaction system. The company can acquire even muchlarger market share if it produces products targeting distinctiveaspects of individual countries. As a matter of fact, not allpopulations across the globe prefer the same things. Creativityentails providing products that are unique and serve a particularpurpose. Availing products that alleviate certain issues within thesociety is likely to win more consumers within the community. Forinstance, not every country enjoys constant power supply. But as longas customers have T.Vs, they are willing to watch programs anytimethey want. Just imagine how it will do them good to have T.Vs thatare ON throughout whether power is available or not [ CITATION Son13 l 1033 ].

Diversifyinglocal content

Sonyproducts are mainly focused on Japanese and Western markets. However,it has been expanding into emerging markets incorporating localcontent in the process. By focusing on local content within thespecific countries like Indonesia, India, Brazil, and China amongothers, they can broaden the markets presenting fresh businessopportunities. It becomes even more attractive to produce productsthat have local content. The company could also benefit fromempowering different branches in the various countries. For instance,their branch in any of the African countries could be tasked withtapping raw innovators to propel the company within the respectivecountries [ CITATION Nar15 l 1033 ].


Researchand development ought to be enhanced to garner fresh and innovativeproducts. Though this team is quite competent, they have poor productdesigns especially concerning user interface. More research can bedone on home automation, storage battery, and display technologies tofurther heighten their dominance in the market. The team can alsoincorporate female employees as well as non-nationals to give adiversified outlook. Current and further innovations can only be madepossible if the R&ampD team is intensively knowledgeable. Theyshould be conducting studies in various countries to establish thekind of adjustments needed to bolster their markets. Due to theintense competition from related companies, the organization ought tobe intensive in research and making changes. Some areas such asJapan-China have politically unstable relation. The R&ampD teamshould be able to devise mechanisms of avoiding their impact onmarket share. The team has been criticized by many people deeming itweak. They must awaken, especially this time when competition can beoverwhelming. The same goes to management. Sony has a conservativemanagement which should not be the case in this era [ CITATION Rob15 l 1033 ].


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