Solutions and Advantages essay

Solutionsand Advantages

Mobilephones have increasingly been integrated into the daily life of everyindividual. For the drivers, it has remained to be a primary cause ofaccidents. Nonetheless, it is very unrealistic to expect the driversto stop completely using mobiles in vehicles. To reduce thefatalities and the problems that arise from the use of cell phoneswhile driving, several measures have to be put in place includinglegislation, education and enlightening of the public andimprovements in technology. In this regard, the solutions andadvantages of curbing the use of cell phones need to be offered toaddress the problems that arise out of the use of cellphones whiledriving.

Everyother country needs to introduce the legislative measures to addressthe menace of cell phone use while driving (Green, 2004). Part of thelegislative mechanism can include the banning of the use of hand-heldgadgets when driving. Further, the countries could also havelegislative provisions that empower the police to cite drivers forthe offense in this particular area. Part of the legislation need toinclude the prohibition of reading and sending text messages whileone is driving. Given that most of the accidents due to the use ofcell phones are caused by experienced drivers, it would be fair thatthe legislations apply to all without discrimination.

Publiceducation in regards to the safety of drivers and other users willhelp address the problems of cell phone use while driving (Green,2004). Individuals have to be enlightened concerning their safety andthe dangers that they pose when they drive and text or even receiveand make calls. Through the campaigns, the drivers will be aware ofthe cognitive operations and processes under which the body operates.They will understand that when texting while driving one isdistracted mentally. Such campaigns would include tags like, “Don’tcall until you arrive”

Giventhat technology continue to advance, it is only fair thattechnological improvements be made in the sector to help address theproblem of cell phone use (Green, 2004). One such technology that canbe developed is the use of GPS to block mobile use when driving.Automatic texts would be sent to individuals who call or text driversand have the ability to block incoming texts.

Uponsuccessful adoption of the solutions, the rate of accidents in theroads will reduce, and problems that arise from cellphone use whiledriving will be addressed.


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