Sociological Perspective essay


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The approachestowards the understanding of the different behaviors that negativelyaffect and individual and the social world as a whole changedepending on whether the argument lies on the popular culture’sviewpoint or the sociological perspective. According to Giddens etal (2016), whereas sociologists solely analyze most socialphenomena based on the three core aspects, the popular cultureproduces reflections that social problems are mainly linked to deepersocial conditions such as racism, poverty, and sexism. Additionally,the popular culture, although disputed by many authors argue thatmedia is to blame for the rise in social problems.

The sociologicalapproach to addressing social issues differs from the other methodsincluding the popular culture in the sense that the prior focusesmajorly on creating self-awareness and consciousness so that each’sinteractions within the society can be influenced in one way oranother by the forces that lie beyond their control (Giddens etal, 2016). Despite the fact that sociologists maintain that thereis no preference in gender, ethnicity or race regarding the exposureto social problems, traditional culture viewpoints state otherwise.

The feministperspective is also known as the feminist theory mainly addressesgender and the oppression of women in the society. In the past years,the view has incorporated more intersectional approaches so as to aidin the study of women equality. Among the fundamental tenets of thepoint of view regarding social problems is the recognition that thepositions women play in different social situations are neitherdifferent nor unequal to the men’s. Additionally, feminists arguethat women should not be left without a voice in the public sphere.In matters affecting any individual or the society as a whole, womenshould be considered and given the opportunity to contribute.


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