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Maurice Handy

Strayer University

Professor Bonaparte


May 26, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the factors that BubblesBeverages Inc. has focused on over the years (Crowther &amp Aras,2008). The company appreciates the support from the societies invarious forms and as such, identifies ways to give back to thecommunity. Additionally, the management of the business has developeda series of controls to ensure that ethical standards of operationsare adhered to across all levels of the organization. The activitiesof the company are guided by three primary values as contained in itsmission statement. These values include honesty, integrity, andfairness. Since the company operates in several countries across theglobe, the legal team has ensured that it adheres to all the laws ofthe respective countries while also meeting the socio-culturalexpectations across these nations (Habisch, 2005).

Corporate Citizens

Bubbles Beverage Inc. has continued to contribute to the society indifferent capacities. In its quest to maintain the status quo as agood corporate citizen, the company has developed numerousstrategies. To begin with, the company adheres to the laws andcultural beliefs in all its jurisdictions. As a global brand, thecompany’s presence is felt across several nations and diversecultures. However, with the three core values guiding the management,respect for the law and beliefs of the population has receivedgreater emphasis (Habisch, 2005). Another area where the companycontinues to show its commitment to ethical practices relates to therecruitment and selection process. The human resources department, inline with the company guidelines, has ensured that Bubbles Companycomplies with the equal employment opportunity requirements.Moreover, the company promotes fair and honest treatment of all theemployees, and all promotions are performance-related. This is toenable all the staff to have an equal opportunity for career growth.

Another area where Bubbles Beverages Inc contributes to the societyis through the social education and awareness platforms. The companyhas a policy that requires its suppliers and distributors to meetspecific standards of operations. The suppliers must ensure thatadherence to ethical practices is given utmost importance. It is forthis reason that the company cut ties with various establishments inAfrican and Asia due to the violation of fundamental labor rights.Specifically, the business organization is liaising with most of itssuppliers to end the child laborers menace that has become a majorproblem among some of the developing economies. Companies that engagein other forms of human rights violations have been blacklisted bythe management of Bubbles Company Inc. and as such, no businessengagements can be established between the two. This step has beentaken to encourage corporate establishments across the world to begood corporate citizens.

Social Venture

Bubbles Beverages Inc is not a social venture. However, itcontributes to the development of the society through various means.Even though the company focuses on growth through profit-makinginvestment decisions, it continues to take the wellbeing of thecommunity seriously. In this regard, policies have been initiated tofacilitate community development, voluntary hazard elimination,creating shared value and philanthropy.

Environmental Conservation

Our company continues to show tremendous support for environmentalconservation across the globe. This has been in the form of financialsupport to environmental protection agencies, providing logisticalsolutions for environmental seminars as well as the provision ofwaste management facilities to the relevant management authorities.In addition to this, the company has also decided to implementenvironment-friendly activities in its production and distributionprocesses. This is in the form of packaging and disposal of thebottles.

Choice of Packaging and Disposal of the Bottles.

With the increased need for conservation of the environment, thecompany identified the need to incorporate the concept ofrecyclability in its operations. There had been growing concernregarding the impact of plastic bottles on the environment and theneed to reduce its production (Crowther &amp Aras, 2008). BubblesBeverages Inc.’s research and development department identified thepolyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles as the most viableoptions. These plastic bottles are collected and can easily berecycled. This reduces the amount of plastic bottles that are dumpedand end up polluting the environment.

Additionally, the company is in the process of building recyclabilityinto the water bottles in due course. It has taken a cue fromPepsico’s “naked beverage”. The term refers to the plasticbottles that are 100% post-consumer recycled. Another concept that isbeing analyzed by the company relates to the introduction ofeco-friendly packaging products as in the case of SeventhGeneration’s products.

Use of Resources

In line with corporate citizenship, the company engages thecommunities through different platforms. One such way is through thedrilling of boreholes in the arid and semi-arid areas across theglobe. In this regard, Bubbles Inc. works in partnership with variousagencies across the world to ensure the availability of water in suchlocations. As a means of promoting education, the company hascollaborated with education stakeholders in the respective countriesand provides various facilities such as the construction ofclassrooms, and the provision of learning materials in the form oftextbooks. Moreover, the provision of medical services has also beennecessitated as the company operates in some war-torn nations acrossthe globe. In this regard, Red Cross International is the primarypartner, and all forms of medical equipment are channeled through thehumanitarian body.

Health Issues

The beverages industry is one of the most regulated as a means ofpreventing health related complications on the customers. As such,the company’s quality control department has developed standards ofoperations to govern the manufacturing process and ensure that thefinal products are safe for consumption. However, the company hasalso taken into consideration a recent study conducted by the HarvardSchool of Public Health with regard to the relationship between softdrinks and diseases.

According to the report, sugar in the soft drinks was likely toincrease the risk of contracting diabetes by 26%. Additionally, itwas established that sugary drinks were likely to increase the risksof heart diseases and other chronic infections. The company hasdeveloped a new technology that regulates the sugar content in allits products. The public relations department has also developedbrochures to be issued randomly to the customers. The pamphletsissued contain information relating to diabetes 2 and how one canmanage the disease. It also includes the foods one should avoid.

Another problem that has been highlighted before concerning ourproducts is their effects on bones. Due to the high levels ofphosphate in soda, it may have an adverse effect on bones (Coombs &ampHolladay, 2012). It is, therefore, important to get enough calciumsince it is essential in the development of bones. To spread thismessage to the clients, the company has strategically-placed postersgiving five quick tips on building bones. Such information applies toother members of the society and is not only limited to BubbleBeverage Inc.’s customers. On the other hand, research has proventhat our products are rich in vitamin A (retinol).

Company’s Plan

The company has developed policies in line with its mission to ensurethat its reaches the relevant markets. The strategy has involved muchfocus on the advertising platforms and the distribution channels usedby the company.

Advertising and Distribution

The company advertises its products through several media such astelevision, radio, the internet, and billboards. All theadvertisements meet the ethical standard and are approved by therelevant authorities. Moreover, they contain accurate informationabout the company’s products while also warning the consumers onthe potential effects on excessive consumption of sugar. The companyalso sponsors a promotional activity that encourages healthy livingas a means of encouraging its customer base to engage in exercises.Since the company’s target population is above 18 years, thecompany is allowed to include adult language in its advertisements.

With a global presence, distribution is a critical phase in thegrowth and success of a business establishment (Coombs &ampHolladay, 2012). For this reason, the company has developed astandard means to ensure that products are delivered to the supplierson time. The delivery of the goods however depends on the distancecovered. Even in the distribution of commodities, the company onlyengages transportation enterprises that meet the internationalethical standards.


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