Social networking technology essay

Socialnetworking technology

Dosocial networking technologies more empower governments or people?


Fundamentally,social networking can be described as the practice of increasingone’s social contacts or businesses by expanding their individualconnections. The technology has grown all over the years to become avital tool which allows people to connect, communicate and interactmore often compared to the past. On the other hand, social networkingtechnologies is a platform that enhances the development of social aswell as the professional contacts facilitating the sharing ofinformation amongst individuals with a mutual interest (Borko,Ed.).Social networking technologies empower people more than thegovernment because of the various benefits that they get as a resultof using that technology. Understandably, some people argue thatsocial networking technology has harmful and adverse effects whichare detrimental to the society despite the influence it has inempowering people. Although this may be true, social networkingtechnologies have more positive effects as opposed to the negativeones (Parrack,2012).

Acknowledgmentof the Opposition

Somepeople’s argument about the negative implications of socialnetworking technologies has some truth in it.For instance, the claimthat social networking technologies don`t enhance connection makessense to some extent. The technology has ruined the essence ofindividuals meeting in real life and incorporating them in a deeperrelationship Borko, Ed.).Since communication is more often doneonline, people rarely do meet thus hindering close interaction andconnection amongst them. Most of the interactions are done on socialmedia, mobile phones, and other platforms. Besides, social networkingtechnology has significantly contributed to people being what or whomthey are not thus lying to themselves and the social network society.They believe that individuals ought to be real about themselves andnot to assume they are what they aren’t. Equally important, someother people consider social networking technology to be destructive.They associate it with more harmful ideas and values that it promotes(Notley, 2009).The negative sentiments, ideologies, and morals sharedthrough social networking technologies negatively impact the society.

Socialnetworking technologies in empowering people more than the government

Evidently,social network technologies technology has empowered people more thanit had done to the government. It has significantly transformed thesociety as well as people’s lifestyles. Today, communication hasbeen facilitated by the use of social networking technologies. Somany people have derived numerous benefits from the use of thistechnology. Obviously, it is individuals and the general public whouse social networking technologies more frequently than thegovernment thus enjoy reaping a vast number of advantages that comealong with it.

Positiveeffects of social networking technologies

Unquestionably,the positive side of social networking outweighs the negativeconsequences. Despite other people’s arguments on the destructiveimplications of social networking technologies, it has done more goodthan harm. The technology has provided an appropriate platform thatenhances individuals’ efforts of trying to achieve their dreams orbe what they have always aspired to be (Borko, Ed.).

Inthe recent past, there has been an increasing trend for more youngpeople using online platforms such as charts, electronic –mails aswell as other social network sites for instant Twitter, Instagram,and Facebook to show off their skills to the general public. Also,the same platforms are used to demonstrate their potential and talentin different areas for instance singing and dancing. That will be sohelpful in attracting more attention and putting them in thelimelight. More importantly, they can achieve their desires of eitherbeing celebrities, helping others with their abilities andcapabilities as well as earning a decent lifestyle. It’s everyone’sdesire to interact personally and chat with their favoritecelebrities (Parrack, 2012).

Havingdirect conversations and getting responses from their favoritetelevision stars, best film actor, artists or soccer player is anoverwhelming feeling which has been made possible through socialnetworking technologies. Besides, social media enables individuals,organizations and other entities promote their businesses andproducts thus making more sales, increasing profitability andattaining better living standards.

Withoutany doubt, social network technologies have provided an environmentthat natures people’s talents either in football, singing as wellother different areas. Individuals use these technologies and otheronline social platforms to showcase their potential and ability indifferent talents making their recognition much easier. That plays asubstantial role in boosting their self-confidence, working hardertowards becoming what they have always aspired to be. The platformsmay also attract support from other people. For instance sponsorshipto the individual talents thus facilitating their growth (Notley,2009).

Also,businesses flourish, they become more lucrative and attain their setgoals and targets through advertisements and marketing done onvarious social media platforms. On top of that, it is tough for atalented underground artist or any other talented individual to riseto fame were it not of social networking technologies.

Socialnetworking technology has played a critical role in facilitatingcommunication and connecting people. Individuals from various partsof the world can communicate and stay in touch because of socialnetworking technology. It is evident that most institutions of higherlearning today have utilized social networking technologies byoffering most of their courses online. That has improvedaccessibility by students across the globe since they can study,attend lectures, obtain revision materials sit for exams and gettheir results online (Ractham &amp Firpo 2011).The technology hasstrengthened people relationships breaking the ice instantly andallows them to interact and connect with one another in an easierway. That has brought tremendous changes to the society, fosteringunity, harmony, and peace.

Moreover,social networking technologies allow the exchange of ideas, values,as well as making the communication process to be more efficient andproductive. People from different countries across the globe, diversetribal and racial origins can exchange thoughts, morals andprinciples due to social networking technologies thus promoting peaceand peaceful coexistence. (Parrack, 2012).Besides, the sharedideologies bring in new thoughts, enhancing creativity thus resultingin growth and development. Also, friendship has been strengthenedthrough various social media platforms. Individual might be havingmany friends on Facebook most which they don’t know one another ata personal level but still that doesn’t affect the friendship ortheir connection all thanks to social media technologies.


Theabove reasons substantiate my claim that people are empowered morepositively by social networking technologies than the government.Technology has developed so fast all over the years transforming theface of the current society. It is, therefore, crucial for thereaders to think about the topic so that they can establish andrecognize how the technology has influenced and impacted their lives,making it easier to connect and interact with other people.Unquestionably, social networking technologies have made the world bea global village through enhanced communication irrespective of thephysical location of individuals. They can connect to one another andstay in touch because of social networking technologies. In thiscentury, unlike the past years, people can get first-hand informationabout the global happenings which either directly or indirectlyimpact their lives. It is a critical topic that should make peopleand the reader acknowledge how it has changed their way of livescompared to the past.

Thatis because the technology has played a significant role in makingpeople more confident and extroverted. Individuals can realize theirdreams, something that probably couldn’t have happened were it notof social networking technologies (Borko, Ed.). The social mediagives them an appropriate platform where they can showcase theircapabilities and talents. Besides, the technology has facilitatedcommunication, sharing of ideas, making people more connected thuspromoting unity and peaceful coexistence. The shared ideas alsoresult in growth and development (Parrack, 2012).


Summingup, it is evident that people are more empowered by social networkingtechnology than the government due to the positive changes it hasbrought to their lives. Despite the argument brought out by somepeople on the adverse effects of social networking technology, it hascompletely transformed people’s lifestyle and the society as awhole outweighing the argument fronted by some people about theadverse effects of the technology. With enhanced communication allthanks to social networking technologies, people can connect andinteract more frequently(Parrack, 2012).That improves the exchange ofideas, cultural values fostering creativity and development. Despitethe benefits associated with social networking technologies, cautionshould be taken to curb the spreading of ideas which are harmful anddetrimental to the growth of the society. There is a need for peopleto be enlightened and informed on the importance of the technologyand the use of social media platforms. On the other hand, strictrules and measures should be put in place with severe actions andpenalties to those who use social networking technologies to spreadfear, animosity and other vices deemed immoral by the society.


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