Social Media Impact on College Students essay

SocialMedia Impact on College Students

Technologyplays a critical role in the modern day student’s success eithersocially or academically. As a result, more social sites areincreasingly growing and becoming a central part of young adults’lives. In this regard, many young men as well as women are able toexchange personal information, ideas, feelings, pictures and videosat a fast rate (Chen et al, 2).

Theresearch article

Thisarticle explored the effects of this current and popular trend ofmass media in the personal lives of college students. In addition,this article also set out to find out the roles that social mediaplays in encouraging negative behaviors among college students suchas drug abuse, alcoholism and procrastination. This is because thebiggest population among students typically spends large amounts oftime in social media sites. Therefore, there is high probability thatsuch an activity has an effect to their personal lives.

Inthis research article, a survey was carried out among twenty sixmales and 22 female students. These students were administered aquestionnaire that sought to explore their own perception on theeffects of social media to the individual lives of college students(Chen et al, 5). Among the participating students, thirty-fivepercent were undergraduates while sixty-five percent were graduatestudents. In addition, the article indicated that thirty-one percentof the participating students had full time jobs while thirty percenthad part time jobs and the remaining thirty-nine percent had no jobs(Chen et al, 5).


Findingsthat are recorded in this article indicated that forty-five percentof participants admitted that they normally spend about six to eighthours every day on social media. A further twenty-three percentindicated spending more than eight hours on social media sites.Twenty percent of the participants admitted to spending two to fourhours each day on social media. Only about twelve percent of theparticipants indicated to spending less than two hours on socialmedia. In this regard, the article concluded that there was anegative aspect of using social media by college students who spendmost of their time checking the social media sites (Chen et al, 12).


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