Social justice essay



Socialjustice implies a fair and just existence between an individual andthe society regarding wealth distribution and social privileges.Social injustice arises when people are not assured justice forexample when the unequal distribution of wealth occurs, andunfairness to individuals with different characteristics includingculture, race, religion, and gender takes place. The race is an issuepertaining social justice as people should be treated equally despitethe race they emanate from(Rowse, 2013).They should not be excluded from the community by being consideredminorities.

Individualsencounter social injustices due to racial discrimination in manyways, for example, being fired at work due to a difference in one’srace. It can be seen when a former Hooters waitress got fired fromworking with Baltimore restaurant since Hooters forbidsAfrican-American Girls from wearing blond hair highlights. It isunjust since other women can wear the highlight but it was claimed itlooked unnatural on African-Americans. Such a situation can bereplaced with social justice by having Hooters improve its trainingto their managers on how to deal with employees through realizingthey should receive equal treatment(Rowse, 2013).To make this change, much awareness on social media and othercommunication platforms should be made clear to the people of Hootersthat in this, era people should not be segregated based on race.

Socialjustice regarding race failed to hold in April 1999 when a complaintwas filed against Coca-Cola Company by four African-Americanemployees, who represented 2200 other employees in a case whereCoca-Cola discriminated them in their pay, performance evaluation,and promotions. The African-American employees received 1/3 less thanthe whites regarding salaries. This situation would be replaced withsocial justice only by the management of Coca-Cola makingcomprehensive changes to its employee procedures and policies. Tomake the change, it took a panel of the plaintiff’s lawyers thatrevised the personnel policies(Rowse, 2013).It also acted as a watchdog to ensure the terms agreed upon wereimplemented.

Inconclusion, failure to uphold social justice leads to many problemslike racial discrimination in the society. Racism has detrimentaleffects on the victimized individuals, for example, theAfrican-Americans in the US who end up being fired from work, beingpaid less, work without promotions, and receiving poor performanceevaluations. The situation can be replaced with social justice bymaking the society aware through mass education that each person isequal. It requires overseers who will take note of any racialdiscriminations to implement the change.


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