Social Impact of the Discovery of Diapers essay


SocialImpact of the Discovery of Diapers

One of the manydiscoveries in society is the discovery of diapers. Diapers refer toa kind of underwear, which makes it possible for users to urinate ordefecate by not using toilets. They are mainly worn by children andinfants that are unable to use toilets in the same way as grownups.However, some adults use diapers specifically those with some typesof mental disability and old people unable to control their bowelmovement. In the following discussion, the essay explores how thediscovery of diapers has affected our society.


The discovery hasresulted in the emergence of social classes in society. There are twokinds of diapers, the washable and disposable diaper. The washablediaper can be used severally as they only require washing. Contrary,with the disposable diapers, they cannot be re-used and have to bethrown once the user urinates or defecates on them. For people thatchoose to use washable diapers, it means that they do not spend a lotof money buying diapers. However, for individuals that use disposablediapers, they spend more. Diapers are expensive to buy consideringthat when using them they have to be changed often, or as soon asthey are soiled. The type of diaper parents choose to use is mainlydetermined by their ability to afford. As such, it is possible thatthe use of disposable diapers has become a reserve for the wealthierwhile those unable to afford use the washable diapers. These resultsin a rise of social classes determined by the type of diapers parentscan afford.

Another socialimpact is that parents are able to move around with their infants orbabies without having to worry that they will soil themselves, whichcan be embarrassing. Prior to the discovery of diapers, people usedfabric to wrap their children. The use of clothes restricted theirability to travel with their children, especially for long distances.However, with diapers people were able to become more social. It hasbecome easier for parents to carry their infants and children toshopping malls, when using public transport or for sleepovers.Diapers ensure that even when the user soils, it does not leak tochairs or on the person carrying the child. Also, it is much easierto change a baby once they urinate or defecate by changing the useddiaper with a new diaper, which could not have been easily achievedbefore the discovery of diapers when a parent was for instanceshopping.

The discovery ofdiapers has made life easier for working parents. Many parents arebusy working, which means that they do not have ample time to spendat home. Historically, many mothers were stay at home wives whiletheir husbands worked to provide for their families. This meant thatmothers had plenty of time to spend at home and look after theirchildren, which included regularly changing and cleaning their soiledwrapped clothes. But following the industrial revolution, more andmore women were joining the labor force and roles were changing.Mothers were no longer restricted to staying at home and lookingafter their children. At the same time, pampers were discovered,which made life easier for working mothers. By using the diapers theyno longer needed to be at home to clean and change their babies sinceinitially many diapers were disposable. Also unlike clothes, diapershold waste for longer. Currently, once parents get back to theirhomes after work, they do not have to worry about cleaning fabricthat may have been used to hold the child’s urine or defecate,especially the parents that use disposable diapers.

The discovery ofdiapers has reduced society’s social responsibility towards theenvironment. Diapers are very necessary especially in families whereparents have more than one toddler. They need the diapers to ensurethat the children do not only soil themselves, but other placeswithin the home environment. The more children in a household, themore pampers that will be required. In families that have children orinfants, most of the family waste comprises of used diapers. Thediscarded diaper ends up as waste that in many cases is not properlydisposed. Diapers are made from products that may take time todegrade. Also, the large volume of diapers used means that landfillsmay become full faster than anticipated. Many people only realize theimportance of diapers and just as is the case with other types ofwastes, do not take necessary steps to properly dispose used diapers.Also, manufacturers of diapers have not yet begun making productsthat are eco-friendly because even when diapers end up in landfillsthey take almost a year to degrade.


The discovery ofdiapers has been significant and has affected society in a number ofways. It has resulted in the emergence of social classes in societyparents are able to move around with their children at ease diapershave made life easier for working parents and have reduced socialresponsibility towards the environment.