Social Control and Criminal Deviance Bullying essay

SocialControl and Criminal Deviance: Bullying

Themost predominant phase in the learner’s guide to undertakingresearch is a literature review, and this step will be very criticalin the analysis of bullying. A literature review is an in-depthevaluation of previous research findings related to the subject ortopic of study as a guide to the current research and as a means ofidentifying the knowledge gap. According to TEDx Talks, (2014), abullying is an act of contempt against another human being with anintention of causing them deliberate harm. Bullying involves socialisolation of victims, physical harm, humiliation and repeatedtaunting. The bullying behavior begins from the schoolyard, and thebehavior can quickly turn from being a simple civil act to agenocidal behavior (TEDxTalks, 2014). Bullying and victimization can be predicted by thequality of attachment with agents of socialization such as peers,teachers, and family. For instance, individuals that have a closeattachment to their teachers and families are less likely to becomebullies.

Conformitygroups can encourage pupils or students to participate in bullyingactivities with a promise that such actions would lead to somebenefits. Negative group conformity is what makes bullying thrive. Tofit in a particular group, innocent students may be forced to changetheir behavior. Bullies can form a formal organization to carry outtheir atrocious activities, and such levels of bullying are adisaster in waiting (TEDxTalks, 2014). On the other hand, the bullying victim may yield togroup pressure and agree with their position even if the position isnot right. In most cases, bullying is normally categorized as a hatecrime and influences different types of deviance like criminal andsexual deviance (TEDxTalks, 2014). A person that is full of hate and has a bullyingmentality can engage in different types of deviant behavior includingsexual abuse, physical assault, and even murder.


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