Social Change, Leadership, and Advocacy Applied essay

SocialChange, Leadership, and Advocacy Applied

Ihave decided to write about child welfare since it is a societalissue in Human Service Professionals. It deals with social justicefor children by advocating for equal rights among all children. I ampersonally interested in this issue since each day I watch the news,I come across stories of children who are neglected and abused and.Moreover, I am interested in the issue because of the socialinjustices faced by foster children when the public ignores themwhile their core existence depends on the public’s largesse. Iwitness these social injustices on foster children both in school andat home.

Statisticsshow that four children perish from abuse on a daily basis thisfigure is highly undercounted. Neglect, which is mostly associatedwith poverty, results into slightly more deaths yearly compared toabuse among children (Friedersdorf, 2014). According to the 2005census, approximately eighteen percent of children below eighteenyears live in poverty. Moreover, the poll showed that forty-twopercent of children in female-headed families live under the povertyline.

Regardingsocial change, we can establish a public will to shun socialinjustices on child welfare (Soronen, 2014). The public can alsostart campaigns, through the social media, that should aim atcondemning child abuse and promoting child welfare. Further, theleadership can reinstate the White House Children’s Conference thatbecame dysfunctional in 1980. They can also expand the scope ofinfluence for social workers by garnering for a state or federaloffice. Through campaigning on social media, the society willpositively impact the high rates of social injustice of children aswell as educate the public of the advantages of child welfare(Schagrin, 2012). Additionally, the leadership will play a key roletowards improving the living conditions of many disadvantagedchildren.

Undeniably,child welfare is a fundamental social justice that has largely beenassumed and forgotten. The public and administration’s neglectleads to child abuse, neglect, and in some instances, death. It isour duty to speak against social injustice against these innocentsouls.


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