Six p`s exercise essay

Sixp’s exercise

Thereare no polling stations for students at Rutgers that will enable themto place their presidential votes within campus. The university needsto consider setting at least one polling station within campus tohelp students that are unfamiliar with places outside campus[ CITATION Pre15 l 1033 ].


TheRutgers administration is working together the government toestablish the polling station within the university[ CITATION Kev13 l 1033 ].


Thisproblem affects all the students within Rutgers University who havethe right and the ability to vote for the president. Research thathas been done shows that the population affected is large within theuniversity. This will have a greater impact as many students wholive within the university will be able to exercise their rights tovote[ CITATION Rut06 l 1033 ].


Theproblem is that most of the students who have the rights to votetheir president, have always been left out. Although there arepolling stations outside the university, there are students who arenot familiar with the outskirts of the university hence making themmiss out in the voting process which is crucial for all citizens[ CITATION Rut06 l 1033 ].


Withthe help of the electoral management body of the country, manyinstitutions of higher learning such as Rutgers University, haveestablished polling station within the universities to enable thestudent to take part in elections. A number of Universities includingOxford`s RothermereAmerican Institute (RAI) havedeveloped a polling station and they have already experienced thepositive impacts of the station. Rutgers will have to do a benchmarkon what worked in the development process [ CITATION Rut06 l 1033 ]


Thepolling station has been planned to be set up within the universityin the shortest time possible. The plan has been develop in a mannerthat will not inconvenience the operations of the university lecturesand other programs[ CITATION Bre13 l 1033 ].


Theprice of establishing the polling station will be met by the Electionmanagement body in conjunction with the university administration[ CITATION Rut06 l 1033 ].


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