Should community service be a requirement for from high school or college? essay

Community service should be a requirement for college instead of high school since high school students are too young to appreciate more the value for community’s service. It is said that community service promotes volunteerism that required people to donate hours hence it was argued that making every American to donated five hours a week, would produce labor of twenty million full-time volunteers that would be of great help in building the community.

It is not uncommon to hear things from people to have community service with the experience of motivation. The news that students come together to help raise money for their schools, libraries or other useful are good indications of volunteerism. It is laudable to see people working in cubicles, socializing with the aged and repainting school buildings. These young people think that they selflessly do these things for the feeling of accomplishment that comes with volunteering.

There are however who believe that that the true reason many students do community service is not as uplifting as described but that there are arguments that students often numerous volunteer events in an effort to put some air into their resumes for college applications. This on the premise that because many students see college applications as determinants for their future, then they will do anything to make an impact on admission officers. It is also on the same premise that Sundays are spent for volunteering at events students doing not take into account.

There are however other students who do not enjoy doing a specific type of community service are forced to by a requirement. Some may even see it as a torture. If the purpose is to teach people to have volunteerism then perhaps it not the fault of the program bur the attitude of these students which are precisely targeted to be modified. A Jewish Community High School sophomore was quoted to have said “Community service is wonderful thing, but it shouldn’t be torture. ”

Wanting to help out one’s community is at the heart of community service so if students do not actually want to do volunteer work, they should be taught to like it. Government exists to impose law who like and does not like, because the purpose is laudable. Hence the issue of whether there should community service is not so much the issue in this paper but the real issue is whether it should be in high school or college. Although there are arguments that high school students are already responsible, the timing of requiring community service is best given or required during college so that students will more matured.

At that period, it will not an issue of whether they should only pursue activities which they feel interesting but that the law required being community conscious. After compelling something to be done, it would be easier for people to do. There also those who argue that volunteer work only takes away time which students feel they could spend on honing useful skills and that the bottom line is that students should always have the choice of whether to participate in community service and a graduation requirement for volunteer service should not be required.

Again, this argument is based on the assumption of the young knowing what is best. This paper takes this as faulty because our ancestors knows best when they required community service since then. A nation could only survive by its citizens working for the common good and volunteer work must be seen where people gets away with their selfishness and instead thing about the community this time It may be concluded that there is beauty in discipline which comes from rules and it must be that old people are presumed to know best because of the benefit of knowing the wisdom.

In the same way that parents take care of their families, government takes care of its citizens by sometime having to force people to render service for the benefit of the community. This paper has argued and proven that college people are more matured in making their decisions, hence requiring them do community service during college life would be more beneficial to society since, these student would be more responsible to themselves and their countrymen.

Community service will give students the needed attitude in having an experience of how to value the community. By teaching the young to experience community service, they will realize that they are part of the community in whatever they do.

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