Short summaries for two articles essay


Shortsummaries for two articles

Becomingthe Third Wave by Rebecca Walker

Inthe article “Becoming the Third Wave”, Rebecca Walker outlinesthe events that forced her to join the “third wave”. She beginsby describing her feelings about the senate hearing where ClarenceThomas, a black male was grilled for sexually harassing a blackwoman, Anita Hill. In the hearing, there was no doubt that the man inthe case will be confirmed because the senate was dominated by men.This means that they could not arrive at a decision that threatenedmen and their sense of power over women. In another incidence, as shesat on a train to New York, men seated in the same car confidentlyand loudly made sexist jokes and ridiculed women defiant of the factthat there were women in the car. According to Walker, this displayedthe gender inequality in the American society where men havesucceeded in restriction women personal and political power.Consequently, she made a decision to join the third wave movement.


TheManifestacontains some of the most important feminist concerns in thecontemporary society. The rationale of the Manifesta is that womenhave more power than they can realize and therefore should fight fortheir position in the society. One of the contemporary issuesmentioned in the Manifestais the need to protect sexual and productive rights of women. Thisinvolves women securing full control over their bodies. Equality andsupport for women in the society are also emphasized to improve theparticipation of women in the society. However, the Manifestadoes not acknowledge other feminists movements, mainly second wavefeminism, because of different views about what is good for women.Thus, the Manifestaallows women to have their own definition of feminism to fit in theiridentities and social systems.