Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. Cambridge University Press, 2003.Print essay

Shakespeare,William. Romeoand Juliet.Cambridge University Press, 2003.Print

Shakespearetackles the theme of love in a way rarely done by other authors. Theauthor depicts love as a virtue that overcomes all the stumblingblocks to manifest itself. In the book, Romeo and Juliet aredetermined to express the feelings they have for each other althoughthey hail from distinct backgrounds. The book tackles the issue ofsocial, economic status to highlight how people of different economicstatus could be separated by circumstances as they endeavor toexpress their feelings.

Shaw,George Bernard. Pygmalionand Major Barbara.Bantam Classics, 2008.Print

GorgeBernard Shaw`s play `Pygmalion`, was first presented in 1913 and hasbeen offering entertainment to theater lovers from around the worldsince then. It is a comedy that centers on human interactions,relationships, and social, economic classes. The play reflects thebackground of ways of life in the early 20th century. One techniquethat is dominant in the play is a metaphor which is used to representmost aspects of the game. Eliza Doolittle is an illiterate and poorflower girl who belongs to an inferior social class and is unable toachieve higher class status based on her current predicament. In theplay, Higgins and Eliza develop an element of closeness buteventually Eliza rejects him to marry Freddy, who is from a poorbackground.

Yates,JoAnne, and Wanda J. Orlikowski. &quotGenresof organizational communication: A structurational approach tostudying communication and media.&quotAcademy of management review 17.2 (1992): 299-326.Print

Understandingcultural differences is one the significant lessons from the book.The cultures are diverse, and it is important that an individualrecognizes the fact that there are cultures different from one`s own.Acknowledging that there are societies and people from other areasand regions of the world that subscribe to different culturalpractices from what one is used to, is one of the strategies that iscrucial for co-existence of different cultures. It is only throughappreciating of other cultures that people can borrow the positiveaspects of other cultures.

Kovačević,J. Childrenwith disabilities in inclusive education.PedagoškaObzorja, (January 01, 2010). 25, 63-75.Print

Thearticle is professional as it uses a level of language that is easyto understand irrespective of the caliber of the reader. The reportfollows the necessary ethics that professional writers should adhereas it tackles the required content and it is also comprehensive inits approach. The author is quite knowledgeable in the field ofspecial education. Every topic in the field provides the reader withthe necessary background information to comprehend other areas ofspecial education. The author discusses education for the physicallychallenged, the deaf, blind and all other persons that requirespecial education curriculum and programs

Louhiala-Salminen,Leena. &quotThebusiness communication classroom vs. reality: What should we teachtoday?&quot English for Specific Purposes15.1 (1996): 37-51.Print

Theauthor tackles business communication to enable business studentsrelate the classroom learning with the actual field experience. Thearticle expounds how the English language should be appliedappropriately in the business communications to advance the goals oforganizations.

Kroenke,K., &amp Swindle, R. (2000). Cognitive-behavioraltherapy for somatization and symptom syndromes: a critical review ofcontrolled clinical trials. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics,69(4), 205-215.

Cognitivebehavioral therapy (CBT) is a primary therapeutic strategy that hasbeen employed by counselors to resolve various psychological crises.The book delves into various problems, including psychoticdisorders, substance use disorder, eating disorders, criminalbehaviors distress related to pregnancy, anger, and aggression amongother disturbances. The author emphasizes the use of cognitivebehavioral therapy in counseling.

Park,Ji Hoon, Nadine G. Gabbadon, and Ariel R. Chernin. &quotNaturalizingracial differences through comedy: Asian, Black, and White views onracial stereotypes in Rush Hour 2.&quotJournal of Communication 56.1 (2006): 157-177.Print

TheUSA/UK comedy TV shows and movies have perfected the art ofrepresenting the Asian identity to capture the market of the largenumbers that exist in both countries. Both the UK and the USA havemade movies that address the entertainment needs of the Asiancommunities in their countries. The article discusses these issuescomprehensively to show how the comedies represent the Asianidentity.