Sexual attraction essay

I am of the opinion that the differences in standards of masculinity and femininity are not necessary to ensure sexual attraction. Every individual has his or her own standards of what comprises masculinity and femininity. Although there is a generally accepted concept of what these standards are, there would always be variances and differences depending on the individual’s biases. Masculinity is associated with the manner by which a man is required to act such as his strength, his inability to show his emotions, appearance and attitudes. While femininity is associated with how a female should carry herself, her actions and appearance.

The concepts of masculinity and femininity are evolving to be at par with the changing world. Every person has his or her own likes and dislikes. A man may be attracted to a woman with a strong character which character is contrary to the principle of femininity. Women are expected to be submissive but this trait does not hold true anymore. On the other hand, a woman may be attracted to a man who does not look rough or strong. I am trying to raise the point that the standards of being masculine or feminine are not necessary for sexual attraction.

What may be considered attractive to one individual may be considered as a turn off for another person although it conforms to the standard of masculinity and femininity. An individual should not be defined by any standard since this would only tend to limit his freedom to express his personality. There would be a form of stereotyping if there would be a strict adherence to these standards as dictated by society. Every person should not have a myopic view of these standards and should not be confined to abide by these set of standards.