September 11 attacks Article by MacFarlane Philip essay

September11 attacks Article by MacFarlanePhilip

Thisarticle explores the heinous acts of terrorism that happened in theUnited States in 2001, September 11. During that day terroristsattacked the Twin Towers as well as the Pentagon using suicidebombers in form of crashing the planes to those two places. As aresult, the United States lost as many people as 3,200 from bothplaces combined (MacFarlaneand Philip 1).However, the author of this article believes that the suicide bomberswere actually targeting Camp David or the White House. Both planescrashed between the hours of 8:45 to 9:40 A.M. This forced theFederal Aviation Administration to cancel nationwide air traffic forthe first time in the American history. According this article, allthose planes that crashed were fully loaded with fuel.

Thisarticle further indicates the nationwide panic after millionswitnessed the destruction of these two buildings. Many onlookers,policemen and firefighters who had come for rescue operations such asevacuation process also perished. The article further adds that theevacuation process included the all potential targets and mostly theWhite House where the President Bush was from Florida to a U.S AirForce banker where there was high security alert. While the rescuecrews tried to find the extent of damage the a September 11, Victimcompensation fund was set up while all major operations remained atstand still putting the United States economy at distress (MacFarlaneand Philip 2).

Thearticle cites President’s Bush establishment of the Department ofthe Homeland Security that would combat domestic problems and alsocondemned hate speech that was directed at Arab Americans from thepublic after the naming of Osama Bin Laden as the prime suspect. Inaddition, he stressed the need for international cooperation tofighting terrorism in which many nations responded by cutting ties toany nation that was believed to harbor Bin Laden. However, thearticle concludes by mentioning the establishment of a NationalCommission on Terrorist that would be charged for investigating allevents that led to that particular attack, after heated pressure fromthe political font (MacFarlaneand Philip 3).In this regard, this commission established that the Intelligence hadcertainly failed as they could have detected the attack. Therefore,the commission recommended a number of reforms that included creationof a national counterterrorism centre, unifying the intelligencecommunity and enhancing diplomatic relationships especially in theMiddle East with the intention of joining the fight against terrorism(MacFarlaneand Philip 3).


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