Senses magazine essay

Published quarterly (February, May, August and November) by TM4 Media, Senses magazine is a periodical that is distributed through direct mail, bookstore and newsstand distribution across metropolitan areas in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. It has a suggested retail price of $7. 99 and has a circulation of 60,000 readers. Senses brands itself as a magazine highlighting international lifestyle and is targeted at individuals whose interests lie primarily in architecture, the arts, business, design, fashion, philanthropy and travel.

Its appeal transcends all demographics in any country. As such, it has paid great attention to artists around the globe, trends in architecture and fashion, and international role models in leadership and philanthropy. According to the Senses magazine website, their readership is among well-educated internationally-savvy individuals in their mid-40s and above, with an upper class income. 64% of readers are 45 to 60 years old. 68% of readers are female. 56% of readers are college graduate. 71% of readers maintain a household income of $500,000 and above.

This magazine pursues extraordinary creativity with passion and inspiration. A beautiful woman is usually on the cover. Each issue is about 50 pages and every page is printed in high quality color, which is the kind of technical attention needed to do justice to the beautiful photography requires. This is crucial, as photography is essential to almost every piece in the magazine. As such, this magazine attempts to do more with photography than with words. Amazingly, few advertisements are included into its pages.

It is plainly obvious that Senses does not target a general public readership, due to its emphasis on rather luxury-oriented subject matter. Those few advertisers that exist communicate this further, among them Neiman Marcus. I think this magazine has a unique style with imagination and intelligence. What I like about this magazine is that it offers the reader an exceptional vision that transcends labels, gender, age, ethnicity and nationality. Its emphasis on the international lifestyle scene of every continent invites a perspective surpassing the ordinary. I would say this magazine has its own color, and is a successful magazine.