Self-discovery through the use of SWOT and DiSC essay

Self-discoverythrough the use of SWOT and DiSC

TheDiSC tool is used to improve teamwork, work productivity and enhancecommunication between individuals at the workplace. Moreover, it isused for personal assessment and is important as it helps individualswithin an organization to discuss their behavioral differences, andsolve issues thus, enhance teamwork and develop a positive impact onthe productivity of the company. DiSC is an acronym for Dominance,Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness (DiscProfile™, n.p).Dominance indicates that the individual emphasizes more on achievingthe outcomes. The influence shows that the individual focuses more onpersuading or influencing others, is more open, and easily relateswith others. Steadiness indicates that the person places moreemphasis on cooperation, reliability, and earnestness.Conscientiousness indicates that the individual places greateremphasis on quality, accuracy, expertise and competence. The DiSCtool can be used together with the SWOT analysis to analyzeindividuals` properties efficiently and lead to a deeperself-discovery.

TheSWOT Analysis

TheSWOT tool, developed in the 1960s by Albert S Humphrey, is animportant instrument for the formulation of strategies. It is usedcritically to analyze an organization or individual`s currentperformance state (Fine &amp Lawrence, 17). The evaluation helps inthe development of decisions on how to improve on the weaknesses andadd to the strengths. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats.

  1. Strengths

Thereport from the DiSC profile landed me on S for Steadiness. Some ofthe personal strengths that I possess as obtained fromself-evaluation include:

  1. The ability to work smoothly with a group or team.

  2. Possess high value on loyalty and the desire to help others.

  3. Easy to collaborate and maintain stability

  4. Truthful appreciation and is easily motivated by collaboration.

Theability to effectively work with a team and collaborate with othersis an important element towards the success of any individual. Suchdetails make such an individual add value to the company they areattached to, or the group they are associated with. The strengthportrayed help improve interpersonal links as elaborated in the DiSCtool.

  1. Weaknesses

Someof the weaknesses arrived at from self-evaluation include:

  1. The inability to multitask

  2. The inability to quickly adapt to change or perform abrupt tasks.

Itis, therefore, important that I learn how to multitask and to adaptquickly to change. Such will be beneficial in improving myproductivity and make me more competitive. It would also be importantfor me to understand how I can promote my abilities and how I canconfront others for the promotion of self and for the benefit ofimproving my competence and productivity.

Fromself-evaluation, it is also evident that I fear change, may losestability, and offend others through some actions. Such are limitingfactors and may affect an individual’s ability to perform in anyfield, including the business area (Millon, 52). Solutions should,therefore, be formulated to solve such so as to enhance performance,create a good reputation and be of greater value.

  1. Opportunities

Theseare the values or qualities that lead towards success. They are therare things that can act as the key to success. From the analysis onthe DiSC tool, the opportunities I possess include:

  1. Patience

  2. The ability to maintain stability, and

  3. The virtue of loyalty

Suchvalues are advantageous on an individual and can be used as tools tocreate good relationships with others. Such relationships are vitalfor development, and are beneficial to an individual, and theorganization (Brown, 41). A good individual gains social popularity,which acts as a tool that propels them towards success as suggestedby Brown (29). These are therefore, areas that may promote growth inmultiple directions for the benefit of the individual. These are thekeys that may promote my success in the things I do.

  1. Threats

Theseare the things that may stand between me and success. They are thethings that may portend success. In the world of business, these arethe things that the competitors do and, which are disadvantageoustowards the success of the business (Rouse, 132). Some of thepersonal threats include:

  1. My over accommodating nature

  2. Being indecisive, and

  3. The tendency to avoid change

Suchcharacters may hinder an individual from attaining success (Millon etal, 43). Being over accommodative may make other people takeadvantage of me and could also open doors for the enemies to findways of ruining me. Such should be corrected by setting boundaries onwho to trust and who not to. The fear of change is also a threatsince such may prevent me from appreciating the ever changing worldand stick to the old ways, some of which do not add value to currentlife. By handling the threats, the path towards my success in anyactivity will be smooth.


TheDiSC tool and the SWOT tool are of great importance for evaluationand development of strategic plans so as to enhance performance orpromote success. From the findings and the analysis, it is importantto consider working on my weaknesses, considering the opportunitiesthat lie on my way, demolishing the threats and majoring on mystrengths.


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