Self-Assessment Results essay


I agree with the results of the assessment. The score is ten points,which implies that I have a high level of personality factor. Theself-assessment comprises of a number of questions that verify oragree with my personality. Based on the questions and the responsesgiven, it is possible that the score is high because in theself-assessment, the “like me” responses are more as compared tothe “not at all like me” and “a little bit like (Goldberg etal., 2006).” In addition, the self-assessment questions on basicaspects, which have straightforward responses.

Based on the assessment results, I can see my strengths andweaknesses. My strengths are that I am compassionate because Iempathize with the feelings of other individuals, I am prepared atall times, I concentrate, I enjoy learning and thinking about newthings. They are my strengths because I have a high score in theactivities. My weaknesses include too much relaxation and talking tomany different individuals at parties. Talking to different people atparties implies that I am social. However, it becomes a weakness whentalking too often especially to strangers as it exposes me to danger.While it is okay to be relaxed, too much relaxation means that I maynot take issues seriously when I am required to.

Personality types influence job performance in different ways.According to Munroe (2016) personality has an impact on all factorsof an individual’s performance. Every personality is suited to adifferent employment position. Hence, it is necessary to identifypersonality characteristics and ensure that they relate to the typeof job that one seeks. When personality aligns to a job, more outputand job satisfaction are achieved. In the case of my personalitytype, it influences my job performance depending on my strengths andweaknesses. The strengths enhance my productivity, while theweaknesses reduce productivity.

One of the strengths is that I am attentive. The ability to payattention is very important in every job. It ensures that I am ableto think of things beyond their face value and make criticaldecisions. Also, attentiveness enhances creativity, which guaranteesthat I introduce new and beneficial initiatives in the company. Whena problem arises at the place of work, it is possible for me to comeup with an effective solution. This is because by concentrating onthe problem I am able to identify a number of approaches that can beimplemented to solve the issue.

Another strength that has a positive impact on my job performance ishearing and thinking about new ideas. It is important to listen tothe ideas of other people. It acts as a learning process throughwhich one is able to learn new things from others, for instancecoworkers. Thinking about new things means that I am creative.

Creativity improves job performance by introducing a new way of doingthings, which reduces monotony and in the process enhances jobsatisfaction. For instance, if a company is involved in sales, it mayuse one approach to market its products. As a sales representativefor the company using the single approach might become monotonous andboring. However, the sales representative may come up with a new ideaon how to market products differently. Such creativeness improvesproductivity and satisfaction derived from the job.


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