Searching and gathering information essay

Traditional way of searching and gathering information in the library is quiet stressful as well as time-consuming. Students require more hours of finding and scanning books that might delay their other activities in and out of school. A card catalog is chronologically arranged and sorted into author, title and subject card so if three or more references needed in your research paper, you should be patient choosing the essential card and moving from one shelves to another.

Yet, there are times interlibrary loaning is a must if not satisfied with the data gather. Therefore, there is always the need for an approach on how to do tasks such as research work with the best result. Identify the Kinds of Information you considered using Information technology plays an important role in library system and has taken a number of different approached in organizing information to meet the needs of their clientele.

(1) On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC), a computer programs useful for compiling bibliographies and often contain more information than the traditional card catalog (Covey, 2002, p. 166) ; (2) Multimedia defined by (Mayer, 2001, p. 1) as a presentation of material using both words and pictures; the case of multimedia rests in the premise that learners can better understand an explanation when it is presented in words and pictures than when it is presented in words alone.

Watching a video on a TV screen or a person sits at a computer terminal and receives a presentation consisting of on-screen text, on screen graphics or animation and sounds can be called a multimedia experience because both images and sounds are presented. (3) Internet, often referred as “the Net” is a huge network of networks that links many of the world’s scientific, research and educational networks (Norton, 2000, p228). It connects large and small networks together and even connects individual computer from the lowly PCs to the large server computers.

The Internet resembles a library because it has tools that aid the search for information and it has similar services that help one find information electronically for example if one accesses weather information twice in a single minute, the information obtained from the two accesses can differ because computers can measures weather and change the report constantly. (Comer, 2007, p. 3) Explain the kinds of information technology you selected and why?

In our fast-faced society, the quick service that we have come to expect is made possible by computers. We always prefer computer-generated system at home, school and work. It is eminent that the Internet is the single most powerful research tool ever created. It has the ability to search information on specific topics and provides quick and reliable services and tremendous amount of data from which can be located and retrieved efficiently whenever and wherever you are.

Unlike monographs, you have to carry bulky volumes of different subject or audiovisual materials with equipment player for listening and viewing. The Internet is a hypermedia. You can browse vast information resources; print and non-print materials can be scanned page by page through on-line libraries; you can download files, pictures, music and videos use for interactive learning; you can transfer file through electronic mailing system; it also has selling and buying opportunities, breaking news and more.

Doing on-line research is very convenient in a sense that you don’t have to move from one place to another to gather and send information in no time. All you need is a computer with internet connection and you can save time editing corrections through copying and pasting and print excellent documentation. In addition, it offers e-mail, bulletin boards and information-retrieval service that can easily access file directories and databases globally. Explain how you applied this technology Internet can be access by anyone.

Internet has a web index that uses hypertext links to present their lists of resources and a web search engine, a server that contains a database of documents that are stored on WWW servers connected to the Internet which user’s interact with by submitting questions that ask the database if it contains resources that jive a specific criteria. For instance, Google, a search engine that ranks pages by the number of links from pages ranked high by the service, offers the option to view sites quickly if they are in the service’s cahce.

To use a search engine or a directly, just click on the Open button on the toolbar, open your web browser then type in the URL and click OK. In the address bar located below the toolbar, type an address there and press Enter, it will open a web page at that address. You can key-in the keywords and the Internet Explorer will generate a list of documents matching your query. Here, you can access websites and get information around the globe in an instant click. Comment on how effective your choice of technology was

A variety of computer programs and software have been developed to do tasks such as gathering information through the Internet. It is much easier than the old ways of card catalog system. The effectivity of such technology manifests through excellent result of whatever cause we want to acquire. It is overwhelming to see and prove that we can save time and effort searching out for our research works and projects through the Internet. Therefore, you if want cheap, efficient and effective way of searching information, Internet offers you a commendable reason to use for.Indeed, this is one of the greatest creations ever invented in the history of mankind.


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