Scotland vs United States essay

Countries have been known for their extraordinary location, and the numerous attractions that draw tourists from the different parts of the world. Scotland is one of those few countries rich with such culture. The natural scenario found in Scotland would leave people in awe after bearing witness to such experience. Scotland may seem ordinary to some, but intriguingly fascinating to many. Everywhere you go, evidences of their rich culture may be witnessed. The outstanding pillars that may be seen through the vast land green land makes the place look extra special.

One of the best sites I have ever seen in this country was the Wallace Monument. Situated in the middle of the green grass, its stone-aged structure makes the people see how much of their culture has formed and developed through the years. Numerous others are within site, and should also be taken into consideration. The vast land would make people feel one with the country, where they could hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing. The natural atmosphere it exhibits makes it easier for people to

The wonderful site of the country may be similar to some of those found in the United States. The United States is known to possess some of the most extraordinary tourist sites that attract people from all over the world. Similar to the Wallace Monument, the United States is known for the Statue of Liberty. Aside from the vast land and naturalistic feeling Scotland had to offer, the United States is more of the modern country. Times Square was one of the most popular destinations in the country.

The bright lights makes the people feel that there is always a party waiting for them in the streets. At night time, these lights are visible through an aerial view, that never fails to fascinate people. Regardless of how different these two countries may seem, they still possess the characteristics that may be sought after by the people in their lifetime. These are two of the many countries that should be visited and savored, not because of their popularity, but by the rich culture that they may exhibit through their structures and tourist destinations.