School requirement essay

School requirement is `indicate what you do for fun and diversion ( hobbies, special interests etc). ` I like to think of myself as a very active individual who enjoys a variety of hobbies primarily in the area of sports. My interests in sports are very broad and I believe that this is because I was brought up to be always on my feet and always on the go. I like being out and about and doing things that make me feel alive and full of energy. Being a true blooded American, the two sports activities that I participate in the most are football and basketball. I’ve been a fan of both sports even before I was old enough to play either.

When I did become old enough, shooting hoops with some of my childhood friends became a weekly habit for me. I would watch NBA games on television and live on the basketball arena itself and cheer on my favorite players. When I watch, I examine how the pros do it and try the same thing to improve my game. It usually works and I usually end up impressing my friends with how I am able to “mimic” our idols’ moves. Football became my passion when I got a bit older, particularly when I entered my undergraduate years. I joined a team and we’ve been playing ever since.

Growing up near the ocean also made me partial to water sports. My teenage years are full of memories of long warm-up jogs along the beach followed by intense jet skiing or parasailing sessions which I still do sometimes. I just love to feel the strong wind pounding on my chest and the cool water splashing on my face. It’s exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. Of course whenever I’m asked what the most extreme sports activity I’ve ever done was, I always answer one thing: sky diving. When you jump out that plane and free fall several hundreds of feet down, you feel a rush that is beyond compare.

Another thing about skydiving that interest me is that it is also by far one of the most precautious sports I’ve ever involved myself in. You have to make sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for the jump. On top of that, checking all of your equipment, the weather conditions, and your jump site are imperatives that could save your life. I must say that I also enjoy making sure that I have a safe skydiving experience every time. My regular means of coping with the rigorous stress of school life is going to the gym and sweating it out.

I lift weights and do various exercises to keep my body in shape and rest my mind at the same time. I also have quite a taste for more gentle forms of physical activity. In particular, I am a very talented dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was in high school and even organized some cultural shows for our community. I competed in dance several times in college and made various performances including some numbers for weddings. Dancing is my art; it’s what people might think of as my softer side. When I dance, a pleasant serenity fills me and I forget all my worries.