Scholarship argumentative essay essay

I personally believe that I deserve this scholarship because I have always maintained a high-grade point average in all of my four years of high school and plan to continue it throughout college. Another reason, is I am very diligent in my studies and have continuously made it a priority to attend my classes every day. In my entire schooling career, I have missed very minimal amounts of school. Attendance is something that I take very seriously because I believe that when you attend school consistently, you are more likely to succeed in academics. Ever since middle school, I continually pushed myself so that I can grow as a person. I have always been very determined when it comes to school. For instance, when I’m given an assignment or task, I feel compelled to not only complete it, but to do it both correctly and in a timely manner. I am also very good at managing time and multitasking. For example, in my freshman, sophomore, and junior year in high school I managed school, homework, and basketball. My first year of varsity was during my junior year and after that season, I was awarded for being selected to the District 1-6A all-academic team.