Scholarship application Unit essay




My name is…. and I am writing in application for the We Rise Scholarshipprogram to support and assist me to study for the RegisterNurse &amp Bachelors in Science at university of Phoenix.

I am a first generation Americanborn Indian girl seeking to achieve her American dream that her threegeneration family is pursuing fervently. However, there are numerouschallenges on the way with finances being the core hindrance to meachieving my dream. Makk (2010) has noted that nursing andspecifically continuous earning for nurses has been instrumental inmaking many poor immigrants in the US realize their American dream.Coming from a poor family with two adult dependents, I have had towork to support my family and pay for my educational expenses, whichmy salary cannot meet fully.

Presently, I am undertaking mybachelors of science program online at the University of Phoenix. Ialso work as a fulltime nurse with psychiatric patients in FairmontHospital in San Leandro, California. Working in this hospital has itsown rewards and challenges that I have to accommodate as I pursue myundergraduate course. One of the greatest challenges has been puttingin more than 40 hours a week and so attend to my education. In termsof rewards, working has offered me a clearer idea of my career path.I have learned more about the specific skills required in theworkplace to assume more responsibilities. I have also had theopportunity to continually apply concepts and theories learned inclass in my work.

From the work perspective, Ibelieve that I will make the best use of the scholarship as I havethe verve and drive to achieve more and make a difference in society.As a nurse and as a nursing student, I have worked with the poor, theelderly in my local community as well as the mentally ill and I feelthat there is massive role for me. I feel that there is a gap thatneeds to be filled. Completing my undergraduate program will thushelp plug this gap and also fulfill my life goals.

Therefore, this scholarshipoffers me a realistic opportunity to fully focus my efforts on themain goal of achieving the best that I can in my education. Thescholarship would also serve as a relief to my family and myselffinancially and enable me to cater for my educational expenses thathave already overwhelmed me. For the opportunity, I promise that Iwill strive to represent the values that University of Phoenix standsfor and be an ambassador of the university throughout my career. I amalso thankful for the opportunity and time taken to evaluate myapplication.


For as long as I can remember, Ihave known that I wanted to be deeply involved with communities. Ihave always desired to make my contribution to society and humanityespecially by working with the disadvantaged communities and specialgroups. I believe that disadvantaged communities deserve to be shownmore humane treatment with many of them already disillusioned withlife in general. At the same time, I have always had a passion forscience. I thus knew the best way to tap into my two passions was towork in the healthcare profession specifically as a nurse.

Therefore, with a career in mind,I was very aware of the importance of education and the role itplayed in making my dreams come true. I thus gave my all in educationin high school where I studied in a not-so-friendly environment. Asan American of Indian ancestry, I can say that I was unfairly labeledas an immigrant and had to live with stereotyping. Many of the fellowIndians in my school were also made fun of and victimized indifferent ways. This forced many of us to stick together for socialand moral support. On top of the relatively harsh school environment,just like any other kid, I had to contend with adolescent issues thatonly complicated matters.

To survive in such a harshenvironment, I was actively involved in reflecting over my actions. Irecall one of my class teachers who actively encouraged me to engagewith people of different cultural backgrounds to help me cope. Shealso advised me that interacting with such people would also behelpful in improving my people skills. I am forever grateful to thisteacher who helped me learn that it is not about how different one isfrom others but rather how well one is willing to change how to lookat things. I have also learned the same approach to life from RasheedOgunlaru, a leading British life coach, motivational speaker andcorporate coach who writes that “How you look at it is pretty muchhow you`ll see it.” Based on this, I have managed to move throughcultural challenges that I have encountered since high school.

In following up with the advicegiven, I co-founded a club that international and non-white ethnicAmericans together to share their experiences with one another. Ialso served as one of the officials and I was responsible fororganizing and coordinating events that were deemed relevant inacknowledging cultural differences and making a difference insociety. As a chairman of this club, I was responsible for guidingthe club through six voluntary clean-up exercises and also onecharity marathon in my neighborhood. The opportunity gave me thechance to hone my leadership skills and also learn how to workeffectively as a team.

My people skills were also honedfurther through involvement in extracurricular activities. Tennis hasalways been my favorite extracurricular activity as it offers me achance engage in physical exercise as well as help me relax. However,as is custom with most Indian families, spending much of my time inthe tennis court was not the most welcome thing for my parents. Theywere eager to see me taking of my grandfather who has hearingdifficulties and accompanying my grandmother wherever she wentbecause she does not understand English. Thus, from an early age, Ilearned the art of keeping a balance between competing interestswhich means I am used to balancing different options and thescholarship will be a welcome relief.

As evidence of my ability tobalance things, I performed well in academics and extracurricularactivities in my high school. Different responsibilities also enabledme to plan for my time better and be more organized. With suchlearned skills, I managed a grade point average of 3.98 thatenabled me to enroll at where I chose topursue a course as a vocational nurse. The core reason why I enrolledfor the vocational nurse training course was mainly a matter offinances. Since my parents did not have money to send me straight tocollege, we agreed on enrolling in a short course that they couldafford and upon completion would allow me to get a stable job. Withemployment, I would comfortably assist my parents in paying forcollege my fees in line with what they have experienced and taught meover the years. However, after moving from Fresno, CA to the morecostly Fairfield, I am faced with the threat of postponing myeducation.

My large extended family is poorand making it this far in my education has been an uphill task. Ibelieve my story offers children from poor backgrounds that there ishope in life and that there is no end to education. Lack of tuitionfees should not automatically condemn dreams as there exists numerousscholarships programs which according to Makk (2010) are critical inattaining equity in the country. Though I am yet to make my dreamscome true, I remain hopeful that they will come true for me and otheryoung girls who may be facing the same situation.

It is this situation that haspointed me towards working with low income communities and children.On numerous occasions, I have had to deal with inequality and thedisproportionate access to quality healthcare and other socialservices for the low income earners in America. As such, I have vowedto make a change in society by enabling access to healthcare in afriendly and hopefully a culturally sensitive way having learned howmy grandparents have responded to healthcare management. Inparticular, I have encountered Indians who attribute illness or painto Karma which may complicate delivery of care. Thus for me, theopportunity to serve the poor communities has motivated me to pursuemy education further and even achieve full registration as a nurse.

At the same time, education ispart and parcel of my career path and necessary as a way of living.Many scholars and even life coaches encourage continuous learning orlife learning as a way of living. For nurses, continuous learning isa requirement as nurses are guided by evidence-based practices andthus have to keep abreast with studies in the field and all newregulations and laws pertaining to the delivery of healthcare. Infact, the American Nurses Association considers continuouslearning for nurses as a life-long endeavor necessary in realizingand gaining professional competency (Santos 2012). As a result, Ihave embraced continuous learning as the way forward.

My parents and specifically mymother have served as a huge source of motivation and have been achallenge as well in my pursuit of continuous learning. The mainreason is that my mother is currently training to be a nurse and myfather attributes continuous learning to the promotion he received atthe workplace that enabled him to earn a better pay and allow hisfamily to move to a modest house. With my mum already in college, Iam not only motivated but also challenged to do better given that Iam younger and have more reasons to be in school more than my mum.

My brother has also reminded ofthe need to utilize my potential to the fullest. This is one man whohas been struggling with drugs and depression for the last sevenyears and has in the recent past shown remarkable improvement. As amatter of family principles, my parents decided that as a family wewould be meeting the upkeep cost of my brother as opposed to beingdependent on social welfare which I believe can encourage some peopleto be lazy. As such, my brother’s recovery and the sacrifices ofthe family have all been instrumental in bringing me closer to therealities of life, I am thus prepared to pursue continuous learningto improve my employability and also increase my value andcontribution to society.

As of today, I have alreadyestablished my value to society by volunteering in several volunteerprograms, participating in community events as well as visiting thesick and needy in our local community. I have done this both in myprivate capacity and as part of my workplace team as my employer isalso well involved in community issues. As such, I believe that thescholarship offers me a chance to be better in my work as a buddingnursing professional as well as being a valuable member of thecommunity with a positive impact.


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