Running Towards Rainbows essay

I am a goal oriented person. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that kind of person who is willing to sacrifice having fun for the sake of attaining the goal. No. I set my goals and pursue them in a creative and fun manner. After all, if the rainbow is my goal, I might as well enjoy its colors as I run towards it. Creativity is my gift. Who wouldn’t want a job that has something to do with what you truly love? If I weren’t on my way now to get an MBA, I would now be traversing another road.

I’ve always wanted to share my creativity with other people. This doesn’t mean that the goal of achieving an MBA and the goal of pursuing creative work is of greater importance than the other. Getting an MBA is just like a map to find my way to my other goals. It will give me direction and prevent me from getting lost while traveling the long-winding roads towards a dream. It has always been my dream to be vice-president creative affairs of a motion picture production company.

To get to that rainbow I would have take into consideration some roads as my options. I could either apply as a production assistant in either motion picture or music publishing. It could take me a longer time to move up towards a better position without an MBA. But as long as I keep my eyes looking in my rainbow, nothing and no one could stop me, not even the a leprechaun protecting its pot of shiny gold.

And once I get to my rainbow I will explain to the leprechaun that I am not after his pot of shiny gold. I will explain to him that it is not the color of gold that made me endure the trials of traversing long-winding roads. It is because I have set my eyes towards that rainbow and told myself that no matter what, I would one day be there. Though, it would be nice to show the leprechaun my MBA and tell him my story so that he may be convinced that “gold” is not the only important color.