Romantic Getaways essay



Althoughholiday getaways are established to serve a diverse clientele, manyof them lack adequate facilities to allow the handicapped guest toaccess them (Hatton, Collins, Welch, Emerson, Langer &amp Wells,2010). In this paper, eight holiday getaways that are accessible tohandicapped guests will be analyzed.

BeverlyWilshire Beverly Hills is the four season hotel with facilities thatare designed for romance and family tours. The hotel is located inBeverly Hills, Los Angeles. Some of the key accessibility featuresfor the handicapped guests include the wider entrances, loweredcountertops, roll-in showers, and elevators installed on each floor(Oyster, 2016). However, the lack of toilet raisers is a key barrierthat reduces the accessibility of toilets.

LondonWest Hollywood is a hotel that is located in West Hollywood in thecity of Los Angeles. Some of the key accessibility features forquests on wheelchairs include elevators, roll-in showers, loweredpeepholes, and widened doors (Oyster, 2016). The lack of toiletraisers and professionals who are capable of advising on theaccessibility matters are a few of the barriers that might discouragethe handicapped guests.

HanaumaBay is a recreational site that is located in Honolulu County,Hawaii. The only accessibility services offered in the bay is thebeach wheelchair, which is loaned to needy guests free of charge(Wang, 2012). However, the lack of adequate trained staff to guideguests on how to use these special wheelchairs and adapted toiletsreduce the number of services that handicapped guests can accesswhile in this facility.

BeverlyHilton is a hotel that is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.Accessibility features in this recreational facility include roll-inshowers, widened doors, elevators in all floors, and raised toiletseats (Oyster, 2016). However, the lack of lowered peep-holes, grabsrails, and lowered front desk limit the accessibility of the criticalservices offered in this hotel.

KailuaBeach Park is a recreational facility that is located in Honolulu,Hawaii. Guests are provided with special wheelchairs that help themaccess shallow waters along the beach (Wang, 2012). However, the lackof critical amenities, such as adapted toilets and trained staff toguide and enlighten the guests limit the accessibility of someservices.

HotelPalomar is located in West La, Los Angeles. Accessibility featuresfor the handicapped clients include wider doors, elevators, loweredsinks, closet rods, and roll-in showers (Oyster, 2016). The lackbathtub grabs, security-attached carpets, and trained staff to guidedisabled guests limits the accessibility of different services.

RehobothBeach is a recreational facility that is located in Delaware.Handicapped guests are provided with special wheelchairs andboardwalk wheels that help them access the shallow waters along thebeach (Wang, 2012). The lack of trained staff to enlighten and guidethe guests, coupled with the lack of disability facilities (such asraised toilets and lowered countertops) limit the accessibility ofcrucial services.

Belamarhotel is located in Manhattan Beach, Los Angele. The hotel providesseveral facilities (such as elevators) and in-room amenities(including bathtub rails and roll-in showers) that allow thehandicapped guests to access the basic services (Oyster, 2016).However, the hotel does not have special gym facilities for thedisabled, lowered counters, and trained staff to guide clients withspecial needs, which limits the accessibility of some services orsections of the hotel.


Thehandicapped guests should consider the overall accessibility of theselected holiday getaway before booking. The accessibility assessmentprocess should include the possibility of moving around with thewheelchairs, and access to critical services, such as bathrooms,toilets, and the counters.


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