Romantic and Enlightenment Period essay

Architectural Designs during the Romantic and Enlightenment Period The different designs during these two periods are great manifestations of civilization. The Romantic period reveals its greatness in architeture through the different Roman styles, revivals of Neoclassical ancient Greeks, Gothic Revival and Picturesque. While the Enlightenment period is often linked to the revolution of knowledge and is associated with the “Age of Reason” during the seventeenth century.

During these periods, accounts of great architecture were evident like the Georgian architecture, Gothic Revival architecture, Helsinki railway station, and the Stockholm City Hall. During the period of Enlightenment, Georgian and Gothic Revival architectures are widely seen as influential and have great designs. The Georgian architecture were mostly colonial house styles that are roomy, airy, and comfortable young country home (Craven).

Gothic Revival was sometimes called the Victorian Gothic during the second-half of the 19th century, the major buildings in England during this period are Strawberry Hill, Exeter College Chapel in Oxford, and the Palace of Westminster in London (“Gothic Revival Architecture,” 2001). While the period of romanticism left an undeniably beautiful designs like the Helsinki railway station and the Stockholm City Hall. The Stockholm City Hall is composed of eight million red bricks and houses the Municipal Council for the City of Stockholm in Sweden (Wikipedia).

On the other hand, the Helsinki railway station is a very useful form of architect and popular landmark because it is the central point of public transport as it takes 200,000 passengers everyday. These designs were somehow influential to modern architect and molded the creation of current buildings, houses, hotels, railroads, schools and to civic centers. Architectures are not only for aesthetic purposes but it should also benefit the majority of the people.


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