Rhetorical Analysis of Alcohol Advertisement essay

RhetoricalAnalysis of Alcohol Advertisement

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RhetoricalAnalysis of Alcohol Advertisement

Differentalcohol companies employ different persuasive methods to reach out totheir consumers. These advertisements use convincing techniques tocapture the attention of consumers, and to attract new customers. Inmost of the adverts in the video, women and female figures are usedas tools to draw the attention of their male counterparts. Some thefemale images used are revealing, for example, in the adverts ofBudweiser.

Thecompanies also employ the use of short, captivating words as a way ofcapturing the attention of the consumers. In one of the adverts forBudweiser, some words say, “Where there’s life…there’s Bud.”The company persuades the audience to see the equity between life,and the drink. Some of the adverts also create an emotional appeal atinstances where the female images are used to reveal some parts oftheir bodies, as a way of capturing the attention of males who areknown to be the largest consumers of alcoholic drinks.

Someof the adverts also use controversial images of states in which oneis advised not to use alcohol. Such would be an appealing techniqueto make the public forget the effects of alcohol consumption. In oneadvert, the image of an expectant lady holding a bottle and cup ofalcohol is used. In another advert, alcohol is seen in a plane’scockpit. The two companies use logos in both instances to convincethe consumers that their drink has no effect on any physiologicalstates, such as pregnancy, or working state.

Thecompanies achieve to persuade their audiences to consume their drinksthrough the use of captivating imagery, and the use of attractivewords. Some of the methods are however decisive, for example, wherethe image of an expectant woman is used. Such is decisive as alcoholis known to be harmful in pregnancy.