EdgarAllen Poe with the Novel “The Cask of Amontillado”

Thereare numerous occasions and life stances that people find and preferto carry out revenge against others in an attempt to score equalitywith others in their perspective. The book follows a perception ofthe reader o work in the sinister mind of the narrator as they plotfor a murder revenge, and dwell on the inner workings of the vengefulmind, which holds that no one can attack them and go withoutreceiving a punishment.

Thestory ahs a bountiful of characters revealed through the course ofthe reading. The true focus lies upon Montresor, the diabolicnarrator seeking revenge against Fortunato following an insult. Themain character Montresor inclines to the reader his real motive tomurder Fortunato, to align with an appropriate style of dressingchosen by the author for Fortunato that adds to the fact thatMontresor intends to play a fool out of Fortunato.

Asaforementioned, the point of view of the story is from theperspective of Montresor of revenge against Fortunato. The aim andwill to revenge follow the narrator’s strong honor to a long-timefamily motto of no one assault the family with impunity. The maindescriptive theme from the marvelous story of fiction pledges aroundrevenges upon Fortunato upon an insult. The motive for the revengeadditionally aims to support a family motto “Nemo me impunelacessit (Poe2008).”The style used by the author and by Montresor aims to give arealization to Fortunato that as he dies, he will have a deep regretfor his thoughts about the rejected opportunities to escape the slingof death. More so, the final process of sobering from the terror willbe an ending devastating blow to the realization that the addictionand craving for wine will have led to his death.


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